Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Late Night Ice Cream Run

Here is Ella at Yogurtland way past her bedtime...and a little under the weather too. We've got a major rash and red puffy eyes :( I'm not a terrible mother, but this is how it all went down. Mike had his college friends at the house the other night and they were wrapping up their talk and they all decided to go to Yogurtland. I officially felt old when I thought it was too late and it was only 8:30 but in my defense, it was on a school night!!! So anyway...
Mike: "Hey babe you want something from Yogurtland?"
Me: "Yeah let's go!!" (as ella sleeps in her room)
Mike: "Uh...babe?!?!"
Me: "Oh, yeah...oops :-)"
So I did what any responsible mom would do and I got her out of bed and we went and got us some ice cream treats!!! Hey, I play the responsible mom most of the time so we gotta throw in a little "cool mom" too :0)
So Ella, you are almost 2 years old!! What have you been up to lately?
- You love elephants and you call them "lellies". In this picture you are wearing your "Ella the Elegant Elephant" pjs :0)
-You demand to wear your boots, bows, and bracelets on a daily basis
-You have finally been ear infection free for quite some time (knock on wood)
-Your favorite phrase is "nee how" (need help)
-Your favorite food is "shees" (cheese)
-You are learning all of your animal noises and can count to 3
-You love to play with Mommy's hair
-You are your Mommy and Daddy's favorite thing in the world!!!

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