Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We started Labor Day Weekend off with a yummy cookout with friends. All but one couple have kids so it was a party for the little ones too!

Here are some friends...Jack, Nash, and Peter (the bunny)
and another friend, Lucy...
and here are the babydaddies...
and here's our little one who was feeling the need for speed tonight! She ran at a constant 90 mph the whole night whether on foot or tricycle :0)

If looks could kill :)

Hanging with the big girls...
She wasn't such a tough girl when it came to the sandbox! Who am I kidding...she is rarely the tough girl...hmmm, I wonder who she gets that from?!?! Anyway, she was terrified of the sand and didn't like getting her feet dirty. I don't guess we'll be going to the beach anytime soon!
She basically sat like this longing to have fun in the sandbox, but she just never could muster up the she just watched at a safe distance :0)
Man do we know how to party!
This is my friend Kyndi...LOVE this girl!!

and this little girl partied like a rockstar until the very end! When we were leaving, I heard one of our friends saying, "man that Ella, she's a hoot!" And I smiled proudly...

that's my girl :0)

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