Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Oh, how I LOVE fall! The cool crisp air, the changing leaves, the festivities and approaching holidays, football (love the idea and atmosphere...not watching it on TV for days), pumpkins, the first fire in the fireplace, cozy foods...I just love it! Ok, so the cool crisp air isn't the first sign of fall in Texas, but we are having a cold front come through this weekend that is going to bring it down to the frosty temperature of the high 80s!! Before the nice weather comes the football. Mike and I went boulevarding (aka tailgating) at SMU with our friends and the college group that Mike works with. The Hill (Mike's gathering) got an assigned spot on the boulevard for our very own tailgating parties so that is what we did last Saturday.

Ella was very upset when the group was playing football and no one was throwing her the ball! She wanted to be right in on the game and they kept playing without her...

but that didn't stop her from joining right in anyway :0) They ended up stopping the game and playing "fake football" so Ella could play too...what awesome people!

Ella was so happy to finally have the ball all to herself!

This is Daniel and Ann. They came to visit us last weekend and we had so much fun! Daniel is one of Mike's best friends from college and Ann is his girlfriend. The last time Daniel had come to stay with us was right after Ella was born so he was pretty impressed with all of her "new tricks" :0)
These are our friends and the college group that Mike works with at SMU...apparently it was the white out game (everyone wears white) and Mike and I missed the memo. We are so old and out of the loop ;)And this was the little parade down the boulevard at the end! We assumed the horse was the mascot?!?

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