Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paper Bag Princess

Paper Bag Princess is a super cute children's book and it was brought to my mind today as I turned around in the car to see Ella sucking her thumb and looking at me as serious as could be with her "hat" on her head. I took her picture and she said, "ta too" (thank you). She saw a bag and thought hat! I like it...she's already learning to combine fashion and function and is always looking for something to turn into a fashionable piece :0) I think she wears it well! Don't you?!?

This is actually where the paper bag came from. When I showed up to pick her up at Nit's house, her and Nit were outside together picking up acorns (Ella's new favorite past time)! Ella loves to collect her acorns and they find bugs to look at and pick dandelions out in the grass.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sneak Preview!!

Ella's SECOND birthday is coming up in just 2 weeks! It seems like yesterday our little cupcake was turning 1 and I was planning a her first birthday and was dreaming about all things cupcake :0) This year, our little pumpkin is turning 2 and we are going with all things pumpkin and fall! Here is our silly pumpkin...
our sassy pumpkin...
and our pouty pumpkin...
After last year, I swore that I would tone it down for the rest of the birthdays because the first one is just so special but as you can see...
that didn't happen! The day she came into this world was a party and we have been celebrating ever since so it's just not in my blood to tone it down when that special birthday roles around :0)
My mom came into help plan, craft, and coordinate this weekend and this is the fruit of our labor and now we are just counting the days!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Heart Shopping

The booots and the fabulous silver shoes were only 20 dollars at Marshalls! I love great bargains!
How cute are these? And they were on sale :0)

Gotta love Lelly Kellys...ok, these were a splurge but that is because I saved SO MUCH money on the other 3! And they match absolutely everything.

Rain, snow, or sunshine...nothing can hold us back from shopping adventures (another one of the many reasons I love having a girl) although right now it is more trouble than it is worth to take her with me :0) But SOMEDAY we will be great shopping buddies! This day in particular, we had some serious shopping to do because not one outfit or pair of shoes fit!!! She LOVES shoe shopping and trying shoes on (it runs in the family) so that kind of shopping I can do with her...but thats about all for now.

And this is Tia, Ella's favorite girl to play with at Nit's house. There is a little girl that is Ella's age, and another just one year older, but I guess Tia is just the "cool girl". They are buds...that's for sure! And that is the wonderful Nit in the background...she is the reason I am sain during the school year having to leave my baby behind. She loves Ella to pieces and Ella loves her. She is safe, motherly, and very protective :0) What more could I ask for? She is such a blessing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Oh, how I LOVE fall! The cool crisp air, the changing leaves, the festivities and approaching holidays, football (love the idea and atmosphere...not watching it on TV for days), pumpkins, the first fire in the fireplace, cozy foods...I just love it! Ok, so the cool crisp air isn't the first sign of fall in Texas, but we are having a cold front come through this weekend that is going to bring it down to the frosty temperature of the high 80s!! Before the nice weather comes the football. Mike and I went boulevarding (aka tailgating) at SMU with our friends and the college group that Mike works with. The Hill (Mike's gathering) got an assigned spot on the boulevard for our very own tailgating parties so that is what we did last Saturday.

Ella was very upset when the group was playing football and no one was throwing her the ball! She wanted to be right in on the game and they kept playing without her...

but that didn't stop her from joining right in anyway :0) They ended up stopping the game and playing "fake football" so Ella could play too...what awesome people!

Ella was so happy to finally have the ball all to herself!

This is Daniel and Ann. They came to visit us last weekend and we had so much fun! Daniel is one of Mike's best friends from college and Ann is his girlfriend. The last time Daniel had come to stay with us was right after Ella was born so he was pretty impressed with all of her "new tricks" :0)
These are our friends and the college group that Mike works with at SMU...apparently it was the white out game (everyone wears white) and Mike and I missed the memo. We are so old and out of the loop ;)And this was the little parade down the boulevard at the end! We assumed the horse was the mascot?!?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We started Labor Day Weekend off with a yummy cookout with friends. All but one couple have kids so it was a party for the little ones too!

Here are some friends...Jack, Nash, and Peter (the bunny)
and another friend, Lucy...
and here are the babydaddies...
and here's our little one who was feeling the need for speed tonight! She ran at a constant 90 mph the whole night whether on foot or tricycle :0)

If looks could kill :)

Hanging with the big girls...
She wasn't such a tough girl when it came to the sandbox! Who am I kidding...she is rarely the tough girl...hmmm, I wonder who she gets that from?!?! Anyway, she was terrified of the sand and didn't like getting her feet dirty. I don't guess we'll be going to the beach anytime soon!
She basically sat like this longing to have fun in the sandbox, but she just never could muster up the courage...so she just watched at a safe distance :0)
Man do we know how to party!
This is my friend Kyndi...LOVE this girl!!

and this little girl partied like a rockstar until the very end! When we were leaving, I heard one of our friends saying, "man that Ella, she's a hoot!" And I smiled proudly...

that's my girl :0)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Late Night Ice Cream Run

Here is Ella at Yogurtland way past her bedtime...and a little under the weather too. We've got a major rash and red puffy eyes :( I'm not a terrible mother, but this is how it all went down. Mike had his college friends at the house the other night and they were wrapping up their talk and they all decided to go to Yogurtland. I officially felt old when I thought it was too late and it was only 8:30 but in my defense, it was on a school night!!! So anyway...
Mike: "Hey babe you want something from Yogurtland?"
Me: "Yeah let's go!!" (as ella sleeps in her room)
Mike: "Uh...babe?!?!"
Me: "Oh, yeah...oops :-)"
So I did what any responsible mom would do and I got her out of bed and we went and got us some ice cream treats!!! Hey, I play the responsible mom most of the time so we gotta throw in a little "cool mom" too :0)
So Ella, you are almost 2 years old!! What have you been up to lately?
- You love elephants and you call them "lellies". In this picture you are wearing your "Ella the Elegant Elephant" pjs :0)
-You demand to wear your boots, bows, and bracelets on a daily basis
-You have finally been ear infection free for quite some time (knock on wood)
-Your favorite phrase is "nee how" (need help)
-Your favorite food is "shees" (cheese)
-You are learning all of your animal noises and can count to 3
-You love to play with Mommy's hair
-You are your Mommy and Daddy's favorite thing in the world!!!