Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

One of the last fun events we had scheduled this summer was swimming lessons with besties Marci and Kate! One of the most fabulous kindergarten teachers from Lakeside is also a fabulous swim instructor...she just has a gift with the kiddos. Anyway, we learned how to kick, now to crawl out of the pool, how to hold our breath under water, and started to learn how to float on our back. Here's my little fish!
baby swap :0)

my bathing beauty!

darling besties :)

And here are the rest of the zoo pics that I couldn't get uploaded on my last post. We took a zoo trip with Aunt DeeDee and cousin Kenzie. It was as hot as blazes!!! You would think we would have learned by now the appropriate timing to take on these activities in the Texas heat. It was so fun and totally worth it.

I love the way Ella is looking with wonder, caution, and curiosity at this stone gorilla.

playing in the river water park...

at the petting zoo...

here we were looking at a big clear tank that you could see fish swimming by in

at the duck pond or as ella likes to call them..."quack quacks"

I took the picture and then got out of the way...other than the birds (yuck), this was my least favorite part and it got worse when...

Kenzie squeezed the snake and it got a little hacked and started sniffing our babies...oh the nightmares!
We didn't get to see the elephants this time so we want to make a trip back in the fall after it has cooled off a bit. I leave you with a little video clip of our little cowgirl ;)

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