Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Garden Fairy

When I dressed Ella this morning in her delicate white smocked dress, her flowery head band, and her pixie pig tails, I thought she looked like a little garden fairy! All she needed were some sparkly wings...I LOVE having a little girl :0) It just doesn't get any sweeter.

Ella loves going to church in the morning. She gets excited about putting on pretty dresses and she also is digging the bow thing now...finally! She also loves to put on her pretty jewelry. Such a little lady! The hardest part about Sunday mornings are that she doesn't get to pick her bow and that sometimes causes a fit but all we have to do is take her to a mirror and oo and ahh over how pretty she is and she's all smiles again!

Ella and Broby had a long talk on the way to and from church this morning. Not sure what they were talking about but Broby must be pretty funny b/c Ella kept giggling at him like he was talking back. She is starting to converse with us as well! This morning she said uh oh momma broby so I knew that she dropped brobey. How nice was much better than the screams!

Last but not least I leave you with "the look". She means business with these piercing looks.
Ok, one more...Ella's new dresser was delivered on Friday and I love it...the perfect touch. My favorite thing is that the panels can be traded out so they can all be one color, or a mixture, or just plain white which will be good for her to grow with. Pay no attention to the yucky brown curtains. They are a work in progress.

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