Monday, July 27, 2009

another FuN fIlLeD wEeK!

We are still up doing our "natics"! Today was our last day though :0( It has been quite the workout for me as well!

A couple of girlfriends and I got together to make some aprons! It is a lengthier process than we had thought but they are super cute and totally worth it...this is actually the test round apron so more pics are to come later when we finish what we've started :)

We went to Chuck E. Cheese...not sure who had more fun...the adults or Ella!

And last but not least, this has been a HUGE summer project of mine!!! First I have to put on a disclaimer...this is not the finished product! We have done a lot but there are still a few small but important things we need to do to polish it up a little. So drum roll please.......................

picture needs a frame

still need a headboard, bed skirt, and to finish painting the nightstand drawer

still need window treatments, seats for her little chair, the bench at the end of her bed, and a few wall decorations that I already have picked out..

her dresser is ordered and on it's way!

I was a little sad taking the crib out of the room but when I put her to bed that night, I felt a little better because you her crib, it was very obvious that she had grown and she looked so big!! But in that big bed, she is so tiny and it makes her look so teeny again. Not sure what kind of bed I'm going to have to buy to make her look like a tiny baby when she's a teenager :0) We put her to bed and she slept like a champ the whole night through!!! We'll see how round 2 goes tonight.

And Daddy got a new doo! He decided that the shag was too much for this Texas heat so he is trying out the buz :-) He let me post this picture only if I said...

"yes David, it is receding" :0)

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Tesha said...

It looks like the recession is effecting more than the economy!