Monday, July 27, 2009

another FuN fIlLeD wEeK!

We are still up doing our "natics"! Today was our last day though :0( It has been quite the workout for me as well!

A couple of girlfriends and I got together to make some aprons! It is a lengthier process than we had thought but they are super cute and totally worth it...this is actually the test round apron so more pics are to come later when we finish what we've started :)

We went to Chuck E. Cheese...not sure who had more fun...the adults or Ella!

And last but not least, this has been a HUGE summer project of mine!!! First I have to put on a disclaimer...this is not the finished product! We have done a lot but there are still a few small but important things we need to do to polish it up a little. So drum roll please.......................

picture needs a frame

still need a headboard, bed skirt, and to finish painting the nightstand drawer

still need window treatments, seats for her little chair, the bench at the end of her bed, and a few wall decorations that I already have picked out..

her dresser is ordered and on it's way!

I was a little sad taking the crib out of the room but when I put her to bed that night, I felt a little better because you her crib, it was very obvious that she had grown and she looked so big!! But in that big bed, she is so tiny and it makes her look so teeny again. Not sure what kind of bed I'm going to have to buy to make her look like a tiny baby when she's a teenager :0) We put her to bed and she slept like a champ the whole night through!!! We'll see how round 2 goes tonight.

And Daddy got a new doo! He decided that the shag was too much for this Texas heat so he is trying out the buz :-) He let me post this picture only if I said...

"yes David, it is receding" :0)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ella's First song

Now that Ella is approaching 2, we have already been through a lot of the big "firsts" like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, words, foods, so on and so forth. That brings a little sadness to my heart, knowing that we don't have many of the baby milestones left (with the exception of potty training) which has been put of indefinitely until I get a clear sign from God himself!!! Anyway, seeing her little (ok...BIG) personality emerge and watching her learn and try new things is so fun and I am excited to share this "first" of hers, her first song! It absolutely melts my heart! This is the song we sing every night before bedtime after we read our book and say our prayers. There is another version that I came up with just for her but she hasn't picked up on that one yet. She started singing this one first and then within the past two weeks has she seems to know songs on the radio and everything! I have concluded that by the things that Ella says (and the things she shouldn't be saying) that babies start listening long before you think they are even aware of anything at all!! They are little sponges absorbing everything and then one day they put it all together.
This is part 2 of the you can see, we had a minor nose distraction mid stream :0)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's hot!

Seriously not even fun to be outside hot! "Hot" is also Ella's new favorite word...with a little emphasis on the "o" ;) Southern chic that little girl! Well, we are back from our 2 week trip to Arkansas and I am ready to cure some of my serious blogging sit back if you have a few minutes because I'm making up for 2 weeks! Going back to Arkansas for our visit was nice as's always good to go back home. Ella got lots of lovin and attention.

This girl knows how to work it! We hadn't been in this local restaurant for 10 minutes and she already had the italian stallion of a waiter wrapped around her tiny pinky finger a few times (notice the specialty drink and the plethora of dum dums). She even had us feeding her...princess much?!?!
Before we drove all the way through, we stopped in Van Buren to see Mimi, Pops, and cousin Kenz...
Kenzie and Aunt Amber!
Mom and I realized that Ella needed some "big girl toys" so we had to go shopping to buy her a baby Stella...this is the cutest doll ever b/c it has a magnetized mouth for passies, bottles, and other accessories. Ella is quite the little mommy these days :0)
Ella LOVES these rides...I can't wait to take her to Disney World!
On our trip this summer, we also got to celebrate my Granny's 70th birthday party! We all went to stay in a cabin and we played games, ate, shopped, ate, swam, and ate some was great!
Happy birthday to you!
this is pretty typical :0) not a serious moment with these guys!

matching braides compliments of Aunt my LITTLE cousin really that much TALLER than me?!?!

When we got back on Sunday, we went to visit Aunt Tesha and cousin Jonah...
And then Ella's new baby cousin was born the next day! This is Jonah's little sister and her name is Sophie. That means Ella is not the baby in the family anymore :0( Mixed emotions with that but she had a good run! My little baby girl looks so grown up next to the little newbie! I am now the proud Aunt of 2 nieces and 1 nephew!

Uncle David entertaining Ella while we wait for Sophie!

At first, Ella was not sure about this little baby...

the sisters of the fam...
Mimi and the girls...

little mommy leaving the hospital with a crazy heavy purse that she insisted on carrying all by herself despite the raw red marks on her shoulders! We are very persistent these days!

Ella wasn't sure about Sophie at first but then she just couldn't get enough. I could feel my heart swelling with pride as I watched Ella reach and grab for the baby, kiss her, hug her, sing to her, it was precious. I don't think I really got to hold Sophie from there on out because Ella was hogging her!

The new big brother :)

Then we celebrated the 4th of July! Ella was all about the fireworks in the distance but didn't care so much for our own up close and personal show. Both nights, she buried her head in someone's shoulder from fear and fell asleep!

a look of concern...they are getting louder!


another look of concern...fireworks are getting closer!

Post fireworks :0) My little Yankee Doodle Dandy is all doodled out!
We went back to Mimi and Pops' house for the second part of our trip and we spent our time watching movies, shopping, and playing cards.Before heading back home, we we went back up to Springdale to see Sophie and Ella got to eat dinner and play at the promadad with her Mimi, her Pops, her cousins, her Aunt and Uncle, AND her Nana all together!!

We got home last night and then I got up early this morning for a baby shower that I was hosting for a good friend of mine! Erin is having baby Lucy any day now...somehow I managed to get a picture of everything except for me and her :0(
After the baby shower today, I darted home to see Kenzie and Aunt DeeDee! They just moved to Fort Worth and Aunt Dee Dee is going to finish up seminary. We are so excited to be able to say we have family close and to be able to hang out with family on a regular basis and not on a big trip! Tonight we cooked dinner and let the girls play, swim, eat cupcakes...

and then we got all dressed up (rainboots and all)... to go to YOUGURTLAND! A new fave for the reading fam!

Here they are in anticipation, waiting as patiently as possible for a couple of 1 year olds! Ella and Kenzie are only 2 weeks apart and we are so happy that they get to grow together and for Ella to have at least 1 cousin close to build memories with! I grew up with my cousin Kimberly and it was such an important and memorable part of my life and I'm excited for them to be here!!!
And I'll end with Ella's new favorite thing...Sonic drinks! I have found that it is just as easy to get her her own sonic drink if I really want to enjoy mine :0) And I don't think there is any going back now.