Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sugar, spice, and everything nice...

that's what little girls are made of!

ella and kate had their first sleepovers this week! it was a mother/daughter slumber party and good time were had by all :0)  both of our daddy's are out of town so we have had 2 slumber party nights in a row! the girls worked on the slumber part while the mommies contributed to the party aspect. slumber parties for mommies with babies consists of staying up past 9:00, vegging, blog stalking, tv/movie watching, and sound sleep knowing that you are not alone! 

this morning was also the first morning of a summer bible study that marci and i are going to together. it is called "one in a million" and i am super excited about it. it is basically women with a purpose and treasure given by God coming together to learn how to how to live the abundant life and being completely filled and satisfied as opposed to settling for the basics in the midst of a hectic life full of trials and triumphs and learning how to fully accept and enjoy the treasure that we already have had since the day we accepted Christ.

we are missing daddy. ella points to airplanes in the sky and says, "DADDY". it's kinda cute but kinda sad at the same time :0( and can i just say that she has been an ANGEL for me this whole week which is quite shocking!!! so...we've come to conclude that daddy may be the problem ;) we have stayed super busy with play dates, slumber parties, bible study, frequent visits to yogurtland (our equivalent of pinkberry in CA), gymnastics, swimming, painting an armoire for ella's room (pics to come), shopping, etc. girls just wanna have fun!!!

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