Saturday, June 13, 2009

rain rain go away

 ella has been talking to us so much lately and we are getting so excited because we are starting to be able to make words out and communicate and it her little personality is beaming through it all! so we have had some really bad storms lately and ella has learned a new phrase. Let me translate: it's raining = "i raaaayin"! Gotta love that twang ;)

daddy left for his san francisco trip today and will be gone for 8 days...yikes! it is time to summon my super mommy powers! ella and i plan to stay super busy and work out some of our (by "our" i mean "her") cooperation issues. mike said by the time he gets home he expects us to be playing nice :0) this is the longest that i will have been by myself...EVER...let alone with a baby. pray please that ella and i get along nicely and that it stops "raaaayin"!

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