Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Most of you have heard me rant and rave before about how Mike is the perfect little girl's Daddy...he was meant to have a girl. I am so thankful that God chose Mike for me and then for Ella too. He just can't get enough and it is neat to see their unique daddy/daughter bond grow and there is no way this little girl could ever doubt how much she is loved! should also be noted that he dressed her today from head to toe! I've never been so proud!

This is Ella doing her new thing where she tries not to smile when she gets excited or happy even though most of the time that toothy grin eventually breaks through :0)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

this girl wants to party all the time!

one word...mischevious :0) can't take my eyes off of her for one second! i noticed it was very quiet so i went to check. she loves to play in the sink water and with toothbrushes! so why do i keep spending all of this money on toys??
we have kept so busy together kicking off all of our summer festivities and so now all this girl wants to do is go go go!!! shoes and bye bye have been her 2 favorite words this week and it never ends from the moment we wake up until we hit the sack. honestly, it is easier to go out and about or else i end up chasing her around the house trying keep her out of the sink and everything else!
by the way, ella picked out her boots for her outfit. they do not match what so ever so i wanted to put a disclaimer on her outfit :0)
this was my main project to keep my busy this week at night since mike was not home and it is finito!!! i bought this armoire from a friend at school for 10 dollars and i painted it up for the first piece of ella's big girl room!
4 hours and counting until we go to pick up daddy from the airport!!! on the down side, i think ella is sick :( but i'm not surprised since we are about to leave town...i don't think i've ever left town with a healthy baby! here are a few of the pics I have so far from mike's trip. he said it was absolutely beautiful!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ella goes wimmin

Ella woke up from a nap and I asked her if she wanted to go swimming. She started screaming, "bye bye, wim wim" so we ran as fast as we could and got her swim suit on. As I was getting dressed she yelled, "mama bye bye wim mama wim!" By the way swim=wim.  Next thing I know, she throws on her shades (that is why they are upside down) grabs her back and takes of to the door...too cute! I love all of this personality!
And this one speaks for itself. This is the clear difference between dishwashing liquid and dish soap...oops :0)
This was after Mike had been gone for 5 days, it had been a terrible day, I was exhausted, so I called my friend Marci in tears and she ran over to save the day :0) Love her!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sugar, spice, and everything nice...

that's what little girls are made of!

ella and kate had their first sleepovers this week! it was a mother/daughter slumber party and good time were had by all :0)  both of our daddy's are out of town so we have had 2 slumber party nights in a row! the girls worked on the slumber part while the mommies contributed to the party aspect. slumber parties for mommies with babies consists of staying up past 9:00, vegging, blog stalking, tv/movie watching, and sound sleep knowing that you are not alone! 

this morning was also the first morning of a summer bible study that marci and i are going to together. it is called "one in a million" and i am super excited about it. it is basically women with a purpose and treasure given by God coming together to learn how to how to live the abundant life and being completely filled and satisfied as opposed to settling for the basics in the midst of a hectic life full of trials and triumphs and learning how to fully accept and enjoy the treasure that we already have had since the day we accepted Christ.

we are missing daddy. ella points to airplanes in the sky and says, "DADDY". it's kinda cute but kinda sad at the same time :0( and can i just say that she has been an ANGEL for me this whole week which is quite shocking!!! so...we've come to conclude that daddy may be the problem ;) we have stayed super busy with play dates, slumber parties, bible study, frequent visits to yogurtland (our equivalent of pinkberry in CA), gymnastics, swimming, painting an armoire for ella's room (pics to come), shopping, etc. girls just wanna have fun!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

rain rain go away

 ella has been talking to us so much lately and we are getting so excited because we are starting to be able to make words out and communicate and it her little personality is beaming through it all! so we have had some really bad storms lately and ella has learned a new phrase. Let me translate: it's raining = "i raaaayin"! Gotta love that twang ;)

daddy left for his san francisco trip today and will be gone for 8 days...yikes! it is time to summon my super mommy powers! ella and i plan to stay super busy and work out some of our (by "our" i mean "her") cooperation issues. mike said by the time he gets home he expects us to be playing nice :0) this is the longest that i will have been by myself...EVER...let alone with a baby. pray please that ella and i get along nicely and that it stops "raaaayin"!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer is HERE!!!

There is a reason teachers have summer breaks! I love what I do but it definitely calls for an extended break every now and then to refresh, re-energize, and maintain sanity. It is hard for a teacher to invest so much in their students every single day, and then just send them off to someone else the next year. Especially being  a first grade teacher because I get to watch them grow from babies to kids and I get to be a part of it. That and the fact that the best principal in the world has retired and will be leaving Lakeside made it a very emotional end to a hard year but I am very excited about what the next year may bring as well and am ready for a few changes! that we have caught up on that, let's get to the good stuff ;) We are barely into summer break but we have kicked it into instant party mode. This is Ella at the school one day. She brought me McDonalds for lunch to fuel me for all of the packing up!

It should be noted that Daddy picked out Ella's outfit! He was so meant to be the Daddy of a little girl...painting her toenails, picking out cute outfits, the way he loves on her...she is one lucky girl and will have a hard time finding any man who will love her like her Daddy does. Sounds good to me!

One of our summer goals was potty training and as cute as this is....
I have decided to wait until July. One, Ella and I are going through a bit of an adjustment period together :0) Should I explain? Ok! Basically, it's the "lets see just how much I can get away with when I am with Mommy (but not with Nit or Daddy or anyone else) because I know she'll eventually cave if I am pitiful enough". Got it? This had started a good month ago but has has gone to a new level since I have been at home with her. It is getting better but I think waiting until we "monitor and adjust and work it out" would make potty training life easier on ALL  of us :)
This video pretty much sums it up. Even though she loves the potty and hates her diapers and tells me when she needs to go, we have to get past the whole defiance thing when it comes to Mommy!
We also went to Kate's birthday party...she turned ONE!!! If you didn't know us and were just looking at Mommy and baby's hair, you wouldn't think that we were not holding our own babies!

And this morning was our first gymnastics lesson...this is a good time to catch you up on Ella's new vocabulary!
gymnastics = "na-ic"
color = "co-o"
Dora = "dowa....dowa dowa dowa!!!"
oh man = "o mah"
alright = "aw wi"

And here she is saying, "Mommy lets go already" and it sounded something like this..."wwwaaaaaaahhhhh!!"

She LOVED "na ics"! And so did I...super fun for Mommy's too!

We are taking our class with our friend's Jack and Lucy. This is Ella and Lucy.

Ella had her own floor routine that was much different than the one that the instructor was coaching but this did not surprise me one bit. I mentally prepared myself for this as I am getting more accustomed to her "toddlerhood." I was actually expecting it and have learned to just go with the flow, welcome it, and have fun with it! Anyone who really knows me will not be surprised when I say that I thrive on structure and organization! I'm a first grade teacher for crying out loud and I was just born to follow the rules! Let's just say toddlerhood has rocked my world a bit. Even though it has been an adjustment for me, I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her little spunky twist that she puts on EVERYTHING we do. We frequently make scenes and have many crazy moments during the day but there is never a dull moment with us :) If you look very closely, you can see the Mommy (my friend Kyndi) and Lucy on the left side. As the other children let their mommies guide them into imaginary play with the foam cube like it was a jack in the box or a drum as they followed the lyrics to the relaxing music that was playing and then doing stretches and making butterflies, my Ella was acting out her own version which included a lot of bouncing on the cube, throwing the cube, jumping in circles, and dancey dances :0)
 That's my girl!
This was Ella's favorite...made me a little nervous the first time but of course the nerve racking activity would be her fave. She held onto the rope like Tarzan and then swung out into the sea of foam and just let go and fell!
This would be my my little precious sticking out her tounge at the instructor when she was trying to get her to come back! I can interpret this one to..."nanny nanny boo boo come and get me"! I'm not quite sure where she learned this one. Is it bad that I think it is super cute? I'll give her until she's 2 and then we'll try to cut it out :)

We rolled down mats and practiced our summersaults...

And then got our stickers and stamps...time for lunch!

And tomorrow is Mommy and Daddy's 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We are so blessed to have each other and our ever so precious girly girl full of spunk, sweetness, and spice. She is our sunshine and has blessed our marriage so much with her timely entrance! She quickly came about into our world not too long after we were married and it has been so sweet to go through changes, transitions, trials, and triumphs as a little family. And thank you to a wonderful husband and daddy who knows just how to hang with the girls and take good care of his little ladies. We love you!