Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

That's right! The Ghostbusters came to Coppell! Mike got so excited when we saw them as we were driving down the road and asked if we could pull over and see them. I said, "only if you'll let me blog it!" He is just a big kid inside :0)
And I thought about not blogging this one and letting the birthday girl show off this outfit for the first time but I was just too proud of myself! For Ella's 2nd birthday in October, we are going to have a pumpkin/fall theme so I thought she needed to be dressed accordingly! I saw this dress on one of my favorite children's websites,, and I decided to save a few dollars and make it myself last weekend when we were stuck in the house from the torrential downpoor that kept us cooped up all weekend. So here is the 80 dollar + tax and shipping version...
And here is the 15 dollar version! Much cuter on a little tiny but I'm saving that for Ella on her number 2 debut! And I am going to make my green fluffy stems a little longer too. This is one of the MANY reasons I love having a little girlie girl :0)

And then on Saturday, we had a special day to celebrate Mothers Day. We got up and went to our new favorite breakfast place, the Coppell Diner. We spent the day together and went and bought Ella this swing and had a picnic outside! It was seriously the perfect day. I love my family and I absolutely LOVE being a Mom and I feel so blessed to be Ella's Mommy. I have a joy and love in my life that I never understood or knew existed before I became a mother. It is the hardest, most fulfilling, most exhausting, meaningful, important, emotional, most glorious job I have ever had...I highly recommend it! I love being a mom, I love being Ella's mom.

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