Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suzie Homemaker Wanna Be

Seriously...only I could screw up a frozen pizza...only I could manage to do THIS. Step aside Martha!
When I was shopping at Target after school, my friend from school with her baby just so happen to be shopping as well! Jaden is only 2 months older than Ella so they were born right around the same time last year (which seems like yesterday). So, we let our little one's entertain each other so we could shop...needless to say, the toy aisles were destroyed by the time that we left and we had two screaming babies b/c we stayed too long! Danielle came running to my rescue (or Ella's rescue) in the check out line with fruit snacks on hand. She had just bought them to help Jaden chill out in the check out line! We were pretty sure we heard cheers in the back when we were leaving!

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