Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 days and counting

Only 5 more days and I'll be off for the summer and boy do I have big plans :0) We have all sorts of things lined up and I just can't wait to have all the time in the world with my hubby, baby girl, friends, and family. Some of our summer plans include...mommy and me gymnastics, swimming lessons, sing and dance along time at the library, decorating Ella's big girl room, a bible study for Mommy and her friend, potty training, going to the zoo, a Ranger's game (Ella's first), taking a trip home to Arkansas, possibly going to Chicago, play dates, hanging with friends, and we'll see what else comes up!
Ella loves her some Mickey! This was her first "ride" at Babies R Us and she LOVED it...she's a wild one!

Our little cutie was not in such a cute mood this morning but she sure did look good! That seems to be a common Sunday morning theme :0)

This afternoon after Ella took a much needed 3 1/2 hour nap...thank you Jesus...we decided to try to take her to her first movie at the theater! We went to see Up (very cute) and she did surprisingly well! She clapped, laughed, talked to the movie screen, ate her snacks and drank a large Cherry Coke (o my)...o well, you gotta live a little, but you bet I scrubbed her teeth like a champ tonight!! We never had to leave the theater or even our seats. We have been waiting to do this with her b/c we love kid movies so we are super excited!

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Taylor said...

Hey fabulous! I am so jealous you are going to be off work all summer! I know you all will have so much fun! You will have to come see me at my work while you are here in Arkansas! Maybe we can arrange a playdate?? Hope you are doing well! See you soon, hopefully!