Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Little Cowgirl

This baby Ella LOVES shoes...more Usually, it is her rain boots, but today it was her cowgirl boots. Much to her Daddy's dismay, she's bound to have a little cowgirl in her...after all, she is Texas born and raised! It's hard to tell from the gibberish, but I'm thinking I might hear a little twang as well :)
Texas Baby...she has her Daddy wrapped around her little pinky finger about 5 times around so I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a pony in our backyard as soon as she can say the words. Maybe a mini horse...Mike has always liked those.
Another one of her crazy sleeping positions. This one worried me a little bit :) Yes, I moved her and stayed awake half the night wondering if she had put herself back!

On my side of the family, we have a long line of shoe lovers. I swear it is genetic and there is no doubt that Ella has received that gene. Boots are her main interest, but any shoe will do. We went shoe shopping today and I wanted to share my shoes are soooo fun! She was so cute. She sat in my lap and held each foot up to try on each new shoe! She even ransacked the shelves and picked some out herself. Mike is out camping tonight by the way, so it was a great way to kick off our girls night!

These are from Wal-Mart...BARGAIN BUY!
Which is how I justified buying 3 more pair from Stride Rite. These are like little baby canvas loafers and are the "all natural" shoe. I wasn't sure if she had much to match them but they were too cute to pass up :)
This is her very first pair of big girl tennis shoes! Super cute, but a little sad that real tennis shoes fit her already :( I bought her a darling pair of sparkly and bejeweled Lelli Kellys and when we took her to the park, I cringed every time she stumbled or drug her feet so Daddy's orders were to come back with a pair of shoes the girl can play in...mission accomplished!
Last but not least...I love these because they are classic and they look so cute on her baby feet :0)

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