Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Easter Pics

My "hip chick" was so cute on her Easter egg hunt. She opened every egg to see if it had candy in it. If it did, she put it in the basket and if it didn't, she threw it back down. It was a short lived hunt as she figured out there was a lot of candy in her basket! When I wouldn't open up anymore pieces for her, she would move on to the next person thinking that they didn't know that mommy said no :0)

She found an egg in Grandpa's pant cuff!

When I think of playing with my Uncle Jeff as a little girl, this is the crazy face that pops into my mind! Good times :0)
What a looker...pj's, rain boots, and a cape!
This is just a little flashback of a few months ago but by the way these two girls have grown, you would think this was from last year! I just now got these downloaded. This is Ella and her BFF Kate (aka...partner in crime) in their matching outfits!
And this is Mommy and her BFF and our babies!!!

I have a  video of Ella that was too big to put on the blog so I put it on phanfare. Click HERE to see it! We Mimi, Pops, Aunt DeeDee and Kenzie are coming to visit this weekend so we were having a heart to heart about some "issues" we've been having. Ella has been hitting her friends that get in her way and she has even gone as far as HITTING HER OWN MOTHER!!! The one that loves her the mostest!!! She has even bit a couple of times :( We are ready for her to be able to "use her words" to work these things out. My favorite question is the last one...can I get an "OH NO!!" Lets just say the DJ Lance and the gang are apparently sacred! If you want to see it click HERE!


Spels said...

Hi! I am lurker..lol...love to read your blog. Your daughter's clothes are the cutest as is she. My question is...do you sell her old clothes on Ebay? I adore her wadrobe. LOL.

Amber said...

Thank you! No, we aren't selling her clothes yet b/c we still plan to have more babies! But stay tuned in the event that we end up with all boys after her!