Monday, April 27, 2009

Kissin Cousins

Ella and Kenzie were so sweet on each other this weekend when the fam came to visit! It is like for the first time, they realized that, "hey! we are the same age,  we're both girls, we like the same things, we keep seeing each other so we must belong together in someway, and we can teach each other new tricks!  We are excited that Kenzie will be moving to Texas soon so these girls can keep on growing up together. I have fond memories of growing up with my cousin down the street (both of us the same age and only children) and those days are what I consider "the good ole days" :0) I'm excited that Ella gets to do that too. And I'm excited that I will have one of my niece/nephews close enough so I can be a fun Auntie and I can take the girls and go do some girlie things :0)
Mimi and the girls...we have plenty of pictures like this with one girl in each arm from the very first month they were born!

Pops and Ella fighting for the thumb. I'm sure you can guess that Ella won...her scream is a little more shrill than Ron's :0)

They laughed together and cried together...sympathy cries and "Ella just stole my babo (baby)" cries...but they will be missing each other until next time! And for the record, Ella did not bite one time this weekend...whew!

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