Monday, April 27, 2009

Kissin Cousins

Ella and Kenzie were so sweet on each other this weekend when the fam came to visit! It is like for the first time, they realized that, "hey! we are the same age,  we're both girls, we like the same things, we keep seeing each other so we must belong together in someway, and we can teach each other new tricks!  We are excited that Kenzie will be moving to Texas soon so these girls can keep on growing up together. I have fond memories of growing up with my cousin down the street (both of us the same age and only children) and those days are what I consider "the good ole days" :0) I'm excited that Ella gets to do that too. And I'm excited that I will have one of my niece/nephews close enough so I can be a fun Auntie and I can take the girls and go do some girlie things :0)
Mimi and the girls...we have plenty of pictures like this with one girl in each arm from the very first month they were born!

Pops and Ella fighting for the thumb. I'm sure you can guess that Ella won...her scream is a little more shrill than Ron's :0)

They laughed together and cried together...sympathy cries and "Ella just stole my babo (baby)" cries...but they will be missing each other until next time! And for the record, Ella did not bite one time this weekend...whew!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Easter Pics

My "hip chick" was so cute on her Easter egg hunt. She opened every egg to see if it had candy in it. If it did, she put it in the basket and if it didn't, she threw it back down. It was a short lived hunt as she figured out there was a lot of candy in her basket! When I wouldn't open up anymore pieces for her, she would move on to the next person thinking that they didn't know that mommy said no :0)

She found an egg in Grandpa's pant cuff!

When I think of playing with my Uncle Jeff as a little girl, this is the crazy face that pops into my mind! Good times :0)
What a looker...pj's, rain boots, and a cape!
This is just a little flashback of a few months ago but by the way these two girls have grown, you would think this was from last year! I just now got these downloaded. This is Ella and her BFF Kate (aka...partner in crime) in their matching outfits!
And this is Mommy and her BFF and our babies!!!

I have a  video of Ella that was too big to put on the blog so I put it on phanfare. Click HERE to see it! We Mimi, Pops, Aunt DeeDee and Kenzie are coming to visit this weekend so we were having a heart to heart about some "issues" we've been having. Ella has been hitting her friends that get in her way and she has even gone as far as HITTING HER OWN MOTHER!!! The one that loves her the mostest!!! She has even bit a couple of times :( We are ready for her to be able to "use her words" to work these things out. My favorite question is the last one...can I get an "OH NO!!" Lets just say the DJ Lance and the gang are apparently sacred! If you want to see it click HERE!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Easter!

Before I get started on Easter, I just have to say that I have the cutest hubby in the world. He was meant to be the Daddy of a little girl :0) When I got home from work on Friday he said, "look babe!" He knew sandal weather had arrived and though Ella's toes needed to be pretty and pink so he took it upon himself and painted her little toenails! He got a lot of practice while I was preggers :0)
Ok, I now Easter was so last week, but we've had a busy week just recuperating from our trip and the red eye flight back home before work on Monday morning! We flew home for Easter and it was great on the way their...I think the flight home may have been a little too early for Baby Ella :) Mike had to stay home for work so it was just me and Ella but we missed our Daddy on Easter! Anyway, there are a lot of pics so I'll try not to talk too much! 

Waiting for the plane

Still waiting! Just a minor delay...

Ok, I know it is socially unacceptable to let your child crawl all over the waiting seats but when you are alone with a child in an airport, Mommies enter survival mode. By this point, we were waiting on a one hour delay, it was nap time, she was poopy (public restrooms YUCK), she had thrown a fit and hit me, we were hungry and it was time to go! I started to panic:)

But we made it on the plane and this nice man played peek-a-boo with her the ENTIRE TIME!! Ella makes friends everywhere she goes. 

Nana and Papa Bo had Easter presents waiting on us when we got there!

mmmm...peeps :-)

Ella's new matching line of outdoor gardening equipment, picnic supplies, and toys also came with a pair of rain boots to match! We all know rain boots are her fave! The purse you see is a vintage bunny purse! We call it "vintage" b/c it use to be mine! It was tough to give it up but I think it looks better on her than it does on me now...don't you think??? 

Blowin bubbles with Papa Bo

This year we let Ella help us die Easter eggs and she LOVED it!

We made them bright colors and then put stickers on them...I can't wait until she is old enough to try some of the fancy stuff!

Ella's Easter eggs

During our trip, she got to stay with her Great Granny and Grandpa while Mommy and Nana went to lunch and a movie!

On Saturday, the whole fam went out to eat to celebrate my cousin Morgan's birthday!
They pulled out a big tub of the kids old toys and costumes and Ella stole the show! She was the birthday party entertainment of the night! This video is Ella and her Great Grandpa :0)

If you look closely in the picture with the proud Uncle and Great Grandfather, these people think she is pretty much it!
I should have named this child Fancy Nancy! I learned something new about her that night...she loves to play dress up!

And finally Easter Sunday came! This is Ella and her Nana. I never got a picture with my daughter on Easter Sunday b/c she was pretty much glued to Nana :)

More matching outdoor accessories from the Easter Bunny!
Time to hunt eggs! We had to have an indoor egg hunt b/c it was so yucky. Then my camera died so there are more egg hunt pics coming up when my Aunt and Uncle email them to me!

Ella's new shades...I wish I had some!

She wore them everywhere around the mall :)
This is just a funny little video clip...Ella got her tricks mixed up...opps! It happens :0)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ella loves...

Apples...she will eat them to the core!
Jewelry and Lipstick...she always rubs her lipstick on and takes all of my jewelry off for her to wear.
Her Friends...Jack and Lucy...all three of them were a little ghetto fabulous this night :0)
Funny faces...thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba
Her Daddy ;) I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love the way she looks at him!
Kisses...she pulls my face towards her to kiss me if I'm she doesn't have ALL of my attention at the moment.
Cuddling with Mommy (I thought I was going to be a Momma but she is starting to call me Mommy now)!
Ok, I know she doesn't look amused but she is also starting to love her Sunday School class. We've come along way from being the screaming baby every week!
This is not one of Ella's loves but we thought it was funny. As her hair has grown out, we have gone from the post pig-tail "flock of sea-gulls" look to somewhat of a "bird's nest" look :0)

We are off to Arkansas for the annual family Easter egg hunt this Friday. It will be Ella's first time to fly and I will be alone on the plane with her. I'm sure it will be nothing short of eventful :0) That is usually how we role!