Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a great day!

Today was such a good day. I am thankful for wonderful friends and family and I feel so loved! Today was a great birthday. I had the day off, I got to talk to my family, friends, and past friends that I needed to catch up with and got to spend parts of the day with some of my favorite people! Ella slept in a little for me and then we spent the morning together sipping coffee, watching our shows, and playing. Then, our BFFs Marci and Kate took us to a yummy lunch at Magnolias, my new favorite lunch spot. Then, I took Ella to the doctor to hear that her ears are clear...hallelujah praise the Lord...enough is enough! Then, our other BFFs Uncle Mike, Aunt Elise, and baby Rutig went to eat dinner with us to celebrate. We don't know if baby Rutig is a boy or a girl but we've already decided that we are going to go for the arranged marriage approach if it's a boy :0)

Ella turned 15 months yesterday!
Yes, those are crayons in her ears...that must be a post traumatic response from the doctor's office today!
This is what I look like as  a 25 year old! Wow...I round up to 30 now! Thank you everyone for a wonderful day...love you all...mmmmwah!

And crash

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The Cockrells said...

25, yuck! I'm sorry to say I've got ya beat by 3 years, boooo! LOL. Glad you had a good b-day!