Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet Thang

What a sweet little face! This girl is keeping me on my toes! So far today, she has put her hands down in the toilet water (YUCK) and fallen head first off of my bed (OUCH). She has this whole new curiosity about the world, but she has yet to develop a healthy respect for things. She's a fearless chick! So I pretty much just chase her around all day which makes up for not EVER working out.
My dear friend Elise and I spent the day together Saturday while our hard working hubbies painted their bedroom. I had one of those first time "mommy moments" that will be ingrained in my mind forever and I will laugh about it everytime I think about it. Elise, Ella, and I were setting out to do some shopping so I needed to get Ella into her car seat. I guess Ella had different plans for the day and was not too thrilled so here are two grown ladies, one a mommy and one a mommy to be, wrestling a 1 year old down in the back seat trying to get her into the car seat!!! Ella was like a wild animal thrashing and growling...Elise and I would try to grab an arm or a leg as it flew by our face but couldn't seem to get control of the little tiny one! Finally, a few minutes went by and we start cracking up in the backseat and I know that I was absolutely exhausted and was not going to get her into the car seat so we sat in defeat as she made her escape to the front seat. The final victory was ours, but it was a gruesome fight!

This is my little uptown girl! Hats and purses are her new favorite things.
On Friday, we hung out with our other dear friends, Scott and Marci! Ella and Kate were at odds that night. We decided that they will truly be partners in crime...Kate is feisty and Ella is drama! They are the perfect pair and I can't wait to see what the future holds for dynamic duo!
Is it just me or are the glowing dog eyes through the window super creepy??

Watch this video to see Ella's newest trick...working out! She gets it from her Daddy...not me! She also can do some serious push ups but I haven't been able to get those on camera yet but I'm working on it.


Courtney said...

Please tell me where you got the gray hat ??? I have been searching for one for Stella like that. I love it. Courtney

Kristen Ray said...
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Kristen Ray said...

The gray hat picture is priceless--so cute! Before you know it she will have six pack abs!