Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Girl

Lookin very sweet on a pre-church Sunday morning walk!

This girl is literally the sunshine on a cloudy day. She lights up the room everywhere she goes! Today we picked our first bouquet of flowers from the yard. This is the first of many to come! That is something that I remember doing with my Granny Bo and my Aunt Kim. I love simple childhood memories and having Ella brings it all back!

Her Daddy taught her how to blow off the whispy petals of a dandelion before it has the one she ate in the previous post :0) So now, she blows on every flower she picks just like in the picture below. I think it is the cutest thing!
This is Ella's new favorite thing...a bath baby! And even better, it has blond hair and sucks her thumb...sound familiar?!?! She kept trying to take her baby doll and pig into the tub and would be so upset when I wouldn't let her so, problem solved!
She's such a little Mama already! Love the baby...
Blow the baby's nose (that is her knew thing) :0)
Making sure that baby sucks her thumb. She is very adamant about that...gee I wonder why?
Cover the baby... (Today she carried the baby around in a dish towel)
Wash baby's feet...
Life is good and all is right in the world!
Well at least it was that day until we took her to the doctor the next day to find out our poor girl has tonsillitis, a stomach virus, and a yeast infection from taking 3 antibiotics to get rid of the 2 month long ear infection. 
At least she looked cute posing in the doctors office. By the time we left, she was all pink...all over! You can tell she is uncomfortable but at least we have an explanation for the snorting. I just wish she could have one long stint where she feels good!
Lately, I've been ending all of her blog posts with funny pictures of her crazy bed arrangement. This is every night! She is usually asleep before we put her in the bed so I'm not quite sure how she accomplishes this. It's a new position every night. She is the wildest sleeper! That was probably God's doing or else she would still be sleeping in bed with me :0) One more thing, we went into her room the other night and she was talking in her sleep! No kidding! It sounded like she was playing happily and then I think it got violent...someone probably took her toy :) What do babies dream about?
We love this girl

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break So Far!

Before I get started on Spring Break, I have to share all of the new places I have found Ella's name! As most of you know, I love it when I find Ella's name out and about because I LOVE her name!! I love the way it looks and I love the way it sounds and I love it when I find it out and about. Before I had shown you "Olive Ellas" a pizza restaurant and "Ella Bleu" another restaurant and now I have found the best one because it is a fabulous baby boutique and this is her nickname and what we call her most of the time...Ella Bella!
She even has her own restaurant!

It's true!

We spent the first part of Spring Break visiting my and Ella's Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim. It was great because my Uncle Jeff was off of work the whole time so we could all be together! All through my years growing up, I always took trips there to visit and have SO MANY special memories. It is really cool to see Ella getting to experience that now and I am excited about all of the ice skating and tea parties to come when she gets a little older. It was (and still is) a special part of my life and I'm glad Ella gets to experience that now too...and I'm glad that I can sorta re-live it through her!!
Last year when we took this trip, I ended up with a flat tire and a sick baby. To ensure that this year went much more smoothly, we took Ella to the doc for a check up, prayed for my tires, and brought a CD player to hopefully make the trip a little smoother for her. It is hard to strap down a very mobile 1 year old for 4 hours. And yes, that is classy duck tape holding it to the head rest :0) 

Shopping around...
Good ole crazy Uncle ElJeffy
Dressed in our Sunday best!
Jessica was the best babysitter EVER!! She went with Ella everywhere she decided to go and gave Mommy some time to relax and enjoy herself.

At the park...
The big cousins...
We had some teething troubles, hence the sad face, but it that was the worst thing that happened this weekend so I can't complain! You just never know with a baby...
This girl is LOVED...
Shopping around downtown...

We stopped at the chocolate shop and Ella got her very own chocolate covered marshmallow!
Go Hogs Go!!

This day we went to Ella's Deli for lunch! We found a park that had toddler sized toys so she could actually go play! It was great! I obviously didn't check the was quite warm and the best I could do was to take her tights off which didn't help much so we cooled off with ice cream afterwards...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a great day!

Today was such a good day. I am thankful for wonderful friends and family and I feel so loved! Today was a great birthday. I had the day off, I got to talk to my family, friends, and past friends that I needed to catch up with and got to spend parts of the day with some of my favorite people! Ella slept in a little for me and then we spent the morning together sipping coffee, watching our shows, and playing. Then, our BFFs Marci and Kate took us to a yummy lunch at Magnolias, my new favorite lunch spot. Then, I took Ella to the doctor to hear that her ears are clear...hallelujah praise the Lord...enough is enough! Then, our other BFFs Uncle Mike, Aunt Elise, and baby Rutig went to eat dinner with us to celebrate. We don't know if baby Rutig is a boy or a girl but we've already decided that we are going to go for the arranged marriage approach if it's a boy :0)

Ella turned 15 months yesterday!
Yes, those are crayons in her ears...that must be a post traumatic response from the doctor's office today!
This is what I look like as  a 25 year old! Wow...I round up to 30 now! Thank you everyone for a wonderful you all...mmmmwah!

And crash