Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Little Valentine

We had a great weekend. On Friday afternoon, we anxiously awaited the arrival of Aunt Tesha, Uncle David, and Jonah. We paced the sidewalk until they got here!

After they got here, we all walked down to the park to let the kids play. I did not get any pictures of that b/c within 5 minutes of getting to the park, Ella fell face first into concrete. She was pretty shaken up, but I think I was worse. Had it not been for an embarrassed Uncle David and Daddy (apparently I made quite a scene) and a very calm Aunt Tesha, I probably would have taken her to the e.r.! It was terrible! She even fainted a little bit but I think it is because she couldn't catch her breath from crying. 
We survived the park so we went to Anamias for a yummy dinner!
Then came Saturday morning, Valentine's Day! Jonah and Ella danced in the living room for a while. I gave Ella her valentine goodies which included this adorable heart swim suit with the matching accessories and a dancing Brobie
Lookin good girl!
Work it!!

Uncle David wasn't feeling well, but he was a trooper and we all went to explore the Southlake shops. In the meantime, David got SUPER sick and had to go back to the house with Mike and Jonah and the girls stayed to shop.
Daddy's little Valentine
Then, when we got home, we took it easy and rented a movie and grilled out.  

On Sunday morning, Uncle David and Aunt Tesha had to head out early b/c David still was not feeling well. We couldn't get any pictures of Ella and Jonah b/c they both ran 90 to nothing in opposite directions the entire weekend but he really was here...with his FAVORITE Aunt and Uncle! Mike and I are at a serious disadvange when it comes to owning that title, but we try to work hard at it. Mike and Jonah are big buddies! 
And here we are tonight after our bath and a 103.3 temp!! I think she's cutting teeth...I hope it is the teeth! I couldn't even get her hair brushed after putting her pjs on b/c she just wanted to cuddle. 
The weekend went by so fast! We felt bad that David made the whole trip just to feel bad the whole time but regardless, we just enjoyed them being here and getting to "hang" like old times. WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!

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The Cockrells said...

Precious precious! I totally have a grey hat that looks just like that! I will have to wear it to school and show you one day. =)