Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleepy Head

If found my camera in the middle of the night last night! I rolled over and then a clunk hit the bed and I prayed it was my camera and...ta da!!! I guess it must have gotten tangled in the sheets during my Sunday afternoon nap. So I guess I should publicly apologize to Ella for suggesting that she could be involved...sorry baby! 
Anyway, Thursday morning was declared a pajama day. With the ear infection and antibiotics, most nights are restless but she had slept good, she was sleeping in, and I was LATE!! So I grabbed her out of bed in the dark and put her in the car and I didn't get a good look at her until I opened the garage door and I just laughed out loud. How cute is this! Once she realized I had the camera out, she knew what to do :0) That's my girl!
On Friday night, we went up to the church to take our family picture for the directory...
And we hit up sprinkles while we waited! Yum Yum...Ella and I enjoyed every crumb of the chocolate marshmallow cupcake.

Ella's fever has hung around for about a week. We took it easy on Saturday and then got out a little while to eat a birthday dinner for Daddy and to do a little shopping. Check out her pigtails! Her hair has started to grow rapidly...LOVE IT!
Had this been a noodle instead of a crouton, it would have been a little scene from one of my all time favorite Disney movies, Lady and the Tramp! Ella is the little lady sooooo, I guess that makes Mike the tramp? :0)
Even though she wasn't feeling to hot...she looked like a little angel for church this morning!

I love the way she looks at him
Look at those teeth! We are working on the "i teeth" at the moment...poor Ella, poor Mommy, poor Daddy. Those are rough!

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