Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Good Life

Today was one of those days that you all of the sudden remember how good life is! It all started this morning as I was driving Ella to Nit's and signing in the front seat as loud as I could to Alica Keys. I wander sometimes what Ella thinks back there and today I may have figured it out! I heard little giggles so I looked back and she was dancing with I sang louder and danced along with her and we had a great time on the way to school this morning. I look forward to the days where we both have our sunglasses on, windows down, and rocking out in the car together (probably to Yo Gabba Gabba tunes) :0)

It was a great day at work. When we got home, we went to go eat at Anamias...yum yum. Then, when we got home, we noticed some kids up on our front porch. Apparently scarred from apartment life, I ran from the garage through the house ready to let them have it!! I opened the door to ask if I could help them, and they had simply come over to welcome us to the neighborhood :0) Ok, yes, I felt about 2 inches tall. They also had noticed that we had a baby and wanted to know when she would be old enough to come play. So sweet! And then another neighbor brought us dinner.
Ella got to play in her back yard for the first time and then we went inside and cozied up by the fire. Ella got back up after going to bed WIRED (thank goodness we're on the last day of antibiotics) but it turned out to be what will be one of my favorite future memories. As we were watching American Idol, Ella kept doing the Brobee dance (notice the sweat shirt) and when it was over, we turned on some classic 80s music and it turned into an all out dance party in the Reading house...Daddy included! I so love that she thinks we are so cool like that and dread the day when she is totally embarrased or annoyed by it...she'll figure out that will only make us dance harder and sing louder :0)

Good times!

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