Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What have we been up to?

We have had quite the busy week! This is Ella playing with our tree. She has all of the sudden become aware of the pretty ornaments on the tree. She points to each one for us to tell her what it is. The presents are what has really caught her eye. She picks up the same one everytime. It is her cousin Jonah's present. It has a little jingle bell on it so just when she thinks I am not watching and she takes off with it, I hear a little jingle coming down to the hall and I jump out to catch her! She will just drop the present and pretend like it wasn't her that swiped it. Also, this is an outfit that my Aunt DeLynn and Uncle Greg got for Ella at a baby shower. I remember looking at it and thinking that she would never be that big and all of the sudden, it fits! tear tear :0(
This is Ella rocking out to Christmas Carols when we went to see Daddy at his gathering, The Hill, on the SMU campus. 

This is Ella's brand new kitchen set from her Mimi and Pops for Christmas! Isn't it cute? My favorite is the little clock on the side that has actual hands that you can move!
She loves to try to crawl inside the oven :0)
Thanks Mimi and Pops! She loves it!
On Sunday, we went to Christmas in the Park. This was put on by our church and it was a fun little christmas gathering for the kiddos. They had a nativity play with live animals, Christmas Carols, gift tag making, hot chocolate, and lots of friends to run in the park with!
Ella making a gift tag...
This is Ella and her friend Jack...her other friend Lucy is in the background if you look closely!

These are the fun snowman overalls I made for Ella. I promise they aren't capris. They were just all hiked up from sitting but this is the best picture I could get this morning. I had to show them off b/c I was pretty proud of myself!!
Baby it's cold outside! It got down to the "teens" today and it was freeeeezing!!!!
This is Ella's pretty pink tree in her nursery that has all of her ornaments on it. I love the way she just stares at the tree with wonder!

Thats all for now! Stay warm!

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