Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Came Early!

What a smart guy! He knew we would be leaving town so he went ahead and paid a visit to Miss Ella! As you can see, Ella was a VERY good girl this year! We had so much fun this morning and we also did a little reminising. Last year, Ella was only a couple months old as we opened her presents for her and this year she was ripping into all of the paper. I think she was a little confused about why we had been telling her no and all of the sudden it was ok to get into all the presents!

We started a new family tradition this year with Elf on the Shelf. This is a VERY popular tradition with the kiddos in Coppell and I learned about this last year when all of my student showed up to school with elves everyday! Santa gives an elf to every boy and girl. He usually drops them off sometime after Thanksgiving. The elf watches you all day and then reports back to Santa at night while you are sleeping. The elves are pretty mischievious and every morning when the kids wake up, they have to find their elf and see what he has gotten into! Santa delivered Ella's elf this year. His name is Ballard. Since Ballard is new to the family, he has been pretty chill this year but I'm excited to see all of his tricks that he pulls next year ;)

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Courtney said...

LOVE the pictures. Ella was a good girl !!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Santa has the same wrapping paper and we also have Elf on the Shelf. So much fun. This will be our first Christmas with Stella, she also is getting a shopping cart from her grandparents. Enjoy the holidays. Courtney