Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Baby

Santa Baby? Not so much!!! I think the look on Santa's face is priceless! Knowing Ella, we pretty much knew this would be her response, but we had a ray of hope since she has been pointing to the Santa ornaments and saying, "Santa"! As we were walking up in line, we would also say, "where's Santa?" and she would point to the Santa statue. Smart girl!
He's alright behind glass. She blew kisses on the glass to the i phone Santa!
Willowbend has a really neat Polar Express set up that you walk through to see Santa. It even had fake snow!
Goint to see Santa and finishing up our Christmas shopping was how we spent our Friday night. We were suppose to go to a Christmas party, but little Jack got very sick at the last minute and we got the text as we were driving there so we just detoured to the mall! We were with Jack and Lucy the night before I woke up with the stomach flu so I'm hoping I wasn't a little share bear that night :0)

This is our little party girl ready to go with her tutu on, milk in one hand, and chapstick in the other. All she knew is she was lookin fancy and it was time to party!

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Kristen Ray said...

The Santa picture is cute even though she is clearly not thrilled. She looks so happy in all the other pictures--so adorable!