Monday, December 15, 2008

Ella's Favorite Things

Boots! Rain boots and snow boots, but mostly her rain boots. She pulls them out of her closet, finds someone to put them on her and usually scream when it's time to take them off. She'll go anywhere and everywhere all day long with her boots on her feet, her play bracelet on her wrist, and a purse, bag, or bucket over her arm :0) That's my girl!
This is the book we read before we go to bed. When we read this book to her, she knows that it is time for bed and it will settle her down any given night! My favorite part about this is that this was actually my book as a little girl so I have memories flashing back everytime I read it to my little girl!
CELLPHONES!!! Not just any cell must be the real deal. We try not to let her play with them but desperate times call for desperate measures, right?!?! She holds them up and says, "bu" aka...bye!
"MMMM" she says as soon as she sees the bag! She would eat the entire bag if we would let her.
And saving the best for last...this is her ABSOLUTE favorite! This cartoon will calm fussy Ella, settle sleepy Ella, and cure sick Ella. This show is where she learned her "dancy dance" and let me tell you, she is working on her moves :0) DJ Lance (orange guy with the fuzzy hat) is her favorite...even when she was only 6 months old, as soon as she saw DJ Lance, the biggest smile came across her face! A little weird, but priceless :0)

This is Mommy's new favorite thing! I see Ella's name on different things when I'm out and about and I always have to snap a picture because I LOVE her name! I love the way it fits her little personality, the way it sounds when I say it, and I love the way it looks on things! I love her name, no matter where I see it!

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