Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Came Early!

What a smart guy! He knew we would be leaving town so he went ahead and paid a visit to Miss Ella! As you can see, Ella was a VERY good girl this year! We had so much fun this morning and we also did a little reminising. Last year, Ella was only a couple months old as we opened her presents for her and this year she was ripping into all of the paper. I think she was a little confused about why we had been telling her no and all of the sudden it was ok to get into all the presents!

We started a new family tradition this year with Elf on the Shelf. This is a VERY popular tradition with the kiddos in Coppell and I learned about this last year when all of my student showed up to school with elves everyday! Santa gives an elf to every boy and girl. He usually drops them off sometime after Thanksgiving. The elf watches you all day and then reports back to Santa at night while you are sleeping. The elves are pretty mischievious and every morning when the kids wake up, they have to find their elf and see what he has gotten into! Santa delivered Ella's elf this year. His name is Ballard. Since Ballard is new to the family, he has been pretty chill this year but I'm excited to see all of his tricks that he pulls next year ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ella's Favorite Things

Boots! Rain boots and snow boots, but mostly her rain boots. She pulls them out of her closet, finds someone to put them on her and usually scream when it's time to take them off. She'll go anywhere and everywhere all day long with her boots on her feet, her play bracelet on her wrist, and a purse, bag, or bucket over her arm :0) That's my girl!
This is the book we read before we go to bed. When we read this book to her, she knows that it is time for bed and it will settle her down any given night! My favorite part about this is that this was actually my book as a little girl so I have memories flashing back everytime I read it to my little girl!
CELLPHONES!!! Not just any cell must be the real deal. We try not to let her play with them but desperate times call for desperate measures, right?!?! She holds them up and says, "bu" aka...bye!
"MMMM" she says as soon as she sees the bag! She would eat the entire bag if we would let her.
And saving the best for last...this is her ABSOLUTE favorite! This cartoon will calm fussy Ella, settle sleepy Ella, and cure sick Ella. This show is where she learned her "dancy dance" and let me tell you, she is working on her moves :0) DJ Lance (orange guy with the fuzzy hat) is her favorite...even when she was only 6 months old, as soon as she saw DJ Lance, the biggest smile came across her face! A little weird, but priceless :0)

This is Mommy's new favorite thing! I see Ella's name on different things when I'm out and about and I always have to snap a picture because I LOVE her name! I love the way it fits her little personality, the way it sounds when I say it, and I love the way it looks on things! I love her name, no matter where I see it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Baby

Santa Baby? Not so much!!! I think the look on Santa's face is priceless! Knowing Ella, we pretty much knew this would be her response, but we had a ray of hope since she has been pointing to the Santa ornaments and saying, "Santa"! As we were walking up in line, we would also say, "where's Santa?" and she would point to the Santa statue. Smart girl!
He's alright behind glass. She blew kisses on the glass to the i phone Santa!
Willowbend has a really neat Polar Express set up that you walk through to see Santa. It even had fake snow!
Goint to see Santa and finishing up our Christmas shopping was how we spent our Friday night. We were suppose to go to a Christmas party, but little Jack got very sick at the last minute and we got the text as we were driving there so we just detoured to the mall! We were with Jack and Lucy the night before I woke up with the stomach flu so I'm hoping I wasn't a little share bear that night :0)

This is our little party girl ready to go with her tutu on, milk in one hand, and chapstick in the other. All she knew is she was lookin fancy and it was time to party!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What have we been up to?

We have had quite the busy week! This is Ella playing with our tree. She has all of the sudden become aware of the pretty ornaments on the tree. She points to each one for us to tell her what it is. The presents are what has really caught her eye. She picks up the same one everytime. It is her cousin Jonah's present. It has a little jingle bell on it so just when she thinks I am not watching and she takes off with it, I hear a little jingle coming down to the hall and I jump out to catch her! She will just drop the present and pretend like it wasn't her that swiped it. Also, this is an outfit that my Aunt DeLynn and Uncle Greg got for Ella at a baby shower. I remember looking at it and thinking that she would never be that big and all of the sudden, it fits! tear tear :0(
This is Ella rocking out to Christmas Carols when we went to see Daddy at his gathering, The Hill, on the SMU campus. 

This is Ella's brand new kitchen set from her Mimi and Pops for Christmas! Isn't it cute? My favorite is the little clock on the side that has actual hands that you can move!
She loves to try to crawl inside the oven :0)
Thanks Mimi and Pops! She loves it!
On Sunday, we went to Christmas in the Park. This was put on by our church and it was a fun little christmas gathering for the kiddos. They had a nativity play with live animals, Christmas Carols, gift tag making, hot chocolate, and lots of friends to run in the park with!
Ella making a gift tag...
This is Ella and her friend Jack...her other friend Lucy is in the background if you look closely!

These are the fun snowman overalls I made for Ella. I promise they aren't capris. They were just all hiked up from sitting but this is the best picture I could get this morning. I had to show them off b/c I was pretty proud of myself!!
Baby it's cold outside! It got down to the "teens" today and it was freeeeezing!!!!
This is Ella's pretty pink tree in her nursery that has all of her ornaments on it. I love the way she just stares at the tree with wonder!

Thats all for now! Stay warm!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ella's First Birthday Pictures!!!

I got the CD from our AMAZING photographer of all of Ella's birthday pictures so now I get to share them! When I look back at these pictures, it reminds me of what a perfect and special day it was (even if Ella was a little cranky). But hey, what is a party if the birthday girl isn't crying? She was  the queen of the she isn't every other day of the year ;) I posted a little preview, but there were too many to blog them all so if you go, we have a video set up with all of the pictures of our cupcake extravaganza!