Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our playful afternoons...

This is pretty much how we spend our afternoons when we get home. Mommy and Daddy get changed into comfy clothes and then we take Ella outside to play. I know I've said it before but she just LOVES to play outside. We are trying to take advantage of the nice fall weather before it gets too cold. Lately, she is averaging 1-2 injuries from falling. The past 2 days, they have left marks:( It makes me crazy nervous...what am I going to do when she starts driving?!?! Today she fell head first into the side of the toilet so she has a bruise in between her eyes and then we went outside and she fell and bumped her mouth on the rocks. It doesn't stop her though! Not to mention, she is cutting 4 teeth right now so she is pretty sensitive. So if playing outside makes her happy then outside it is!

She is fascinated with the rocks. She always collects two, one for each hand, and keeps them the whole time we're outside!
Ella loves it when people "get her". Mike chases her and "gets her" all the time. Mike was actually just going to help her through the rocks but she took off like she thought he was going to get her. Usually when anyone gets close, she runs and takes off and gets really excited b/c she loves it when people act like they are getting her :)
This is just a fun pic of one night last week. Ella got into her closet and got her rain boots. She sat in my lap and held them to her feet. I put them on her and she was ready to roll! She got her new BFF, the pink pig, and she just pushed him all over the house like a mama with her baby in the stroller!

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