Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deck the Halls

As most of you know, I have had a pretty stressful past couple weeks of school. Last weekend, I needed a little pick me up so I thought...what is my favorite thing (other than Ella and Mike)?!?! CHRISTMAS!!! It is close enough, right? So I went ahead and decorated for Christmas music. We stayed in our pj's, made chilli, listened to Christmas carols, and decorated all day long! It was the perfect cure. What I was the most excited about was seeing the way Ella reacted to all of the decorations. We have a little apartment but I refuse to let that stop me from putting out every Christmas decoration I own along with a huge tree b/c that is just the way it has to be! We put up the tree after Ella went to bed. We turned it on before she woke up Sunday morning and her reaction was the cutest. She mumbled something along the lines of, "te te wsh whs aaaa" and was mesmerized. So far, she has stayed out of our tree pretty well but she has managed to pull over her pink tree in her bedroom on top of herself a few times :) I love Christmas time and all of the memories it brings. I love Christmas time even more with Ella because something about having a child brings back the magic of everything...especially the magic of Christmas.

What a look of wonder! (She sat like this for a couple of minutes or so)

That has pretty much been our week! I do have one little story to catch you up on. So, I volunteered in the nursery on Sunday morning and I learned a little something about my ANGEL BABY :) I use to worry that other kids would pick on her because she is usually pretty passive and low key. She put all worries aside for me on Sunday morning! There were 2 was after a little boy got on the rocking horse after her and the other was when another little girl wanted up in my lap with Ella. Both times, she saw something she didn't like, so what did my sweet girl do?!?! She definitely grabbed them by the collar of their shirts and pulled them back and forth while she screamed at them. I couldn't believe my eyes! She does have a voice and she is starting to use it. I guess we will start working with her on more "nursery friendly" ways of letting friends know how we feel :-) The rest of Sunday and Monday weren't any better! She was just so grouchy and she was throwing fits and she wouldn't eat anything we gave her and she was throwing her toys that we were trying to play with her and she was so TIRED all the time. So...We took her to the doctor thinking something was terribly wrong. The doctor checked her out as TOTALLY HEALTHY!!! This was one of the few times she had come out of the doctor's office with a clean bill of health but I couldn't believe it. Then, we finally put two and two together. She eats, sleeps, and is quite chipper when she is at Nit's house :-) She is testing her boundaries with her Mommy and Daddy! $30 dollars and a day off work later, we realized that we had just taken our baby to the doctor for "fit throwing". I don't think they can give us anything for that :0)

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