Sunday, November 30, 2008

Uh Oh...Spaghettio!

I don't even know where to start. To say the least, Mike and I are so enamored over our little girl to the point that we are no stronger than putty because she's so darn cute...even when she's being bad!! We are so in love with her and all of her cute little ways that are surfacing that we are down right goofy. As long as she is buttering us up as much as she does now, she will probably get whatever she wants from Mike and I if we don't get ahold of ourselves soon! It seems like since the day she turned one, we see a new dimension of her personality every day. I can't name them all but I can share a couple of my favorites. On our trip to Arkansas this week, my parents kept Ella for Mike and I so we could go on a long overdue date :) That night, Ella started to repeat her Papa Bo. When she said "uh oh" he would finish off with "uh oh spaghettio". Ella picked it up and has been saying it every day since that night. Obviously, "spaghettio" sounds more like, "thipitiko" but that makes it even cuter! Tonight when I was rocking her to sleep (after she had been in her crib an hour past bed time laughing at herself) and her eyes would roll back and then they would pop open and she would give me her cheesy little grin. So, I just closed my eyes and looked the other way because I could help but to laugh at her and I was trying to be serious! SO...she took my face with both hands and turned it to face her and she said, "uh oh, thipitiko"! DARLING! My other new favorite thing is when she starts to cry for "fit throwing purposes" and Mike tells her no. She tries as hard as she can to be a good girl and stop crying but the little precious can hardly hold it in. She grips her mouth really tight which means she breaths incredibly hard through her nose b/c she is still crying. She tries to hold back all sounds and looks of crying and her sweet face freezes in a pout while she tries as hard as she can to stop. It melts our hearts every single time! I'm doing my best to catch it on video b/c it's pretty priceless :0) She can turn on the charm just like her Daddy! I hope Mike and I toughen up a little over the next few years b/c as of now, we are so smitten to the point that we are absolute mush over her!

This is my and Mike's had to be documented since they are far and few between lately :)

So, we went home for Thanksgiving and spent the week in Arkansas. We our first family portraits taken, we Christmas shopped, and we just spent all the time we could with the fam!

Ella is such a snuggle bug. She cuddled her gift from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim for a few minutes before she would open it!

Rub a dub dub, three monkeys in the tub! This is Ella and her cousins, Jonah and Kenzie.

Pops took us on a wagon ride behind the mower around the land. Good times :)

Ella's mannerisms are more and more "big girl" every day. Today, she pulled her snow boots out of the closet and put her foot in my face so I would put them on I did! 2 hours later, she still had them on b/c she got mad every time I tried to take them off. After 3 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba, I turned on a little 90210 (yes I'm a big fan) for myself. Ella crawled out of my lap and sat on the other end of the couch like a big girl. She pulled the blanket off of the ottoman and draped it across her lap, then she crossed her little hands, and pulled the pottery barn kids magazine up to take a little look see! (You can see the mangled magazine on the couch beside her). She is a little sponge that seems to be soaking in every little expression that she sees. FYI...she still has her snow boots on under the blanket :0)

To see the rest of our Thanksgiving vacation pics and Ella's 13th month of life, just go to


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ella is a little baby rockstar and she continues to rock our world every single day :0) Two of her molars have started coming through, one on the top and one on the bottom...that would explain our latest fiascos with her! Has anyone else ever taken their baby to the doctor for teething and throwing fits?!?!  We would feel a lot better about ourselves if we knew of some :) We just laugh at ourselves now. In our defense, she is our first and only at the moment and we are still rookies ourselves.

We went to Van Buren this weekend. My cousin's cheer competition was there which worked out perfectly for us! We stayed with Mimi and Pops and spent part of the day Saturday with Nana, aunts, uncles, and cousins at Morgan's cheer competition. Morgan did FABULOUS by the way. We had a good time and we got to see all of our people from grand parents to great grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, and cousins. Mike had class so it was just a girl's trip this weekend for me and Ella...

Ella and her favorite Uncle
Hugs from cousin Kenzie
Playing with cousin Jonah
This is my sweet nephew Jonah looking a little confused! I think Ella and Kenzie may have worn him out :0)
Before we left town on Sunday, we went out to eat with Mimi, Pops, Aunt DeeDee, and Kenzie.

Whatever she is thinking, she is not amused!
Do they look guilty about something or what?!?! I don't think this is the last time we will be seeing those looks ;) 
Mimi, Pops, and their girls
Home at was a busy weekend. We had so much fun...we always love going home! Ella was so happy to see her Daddy. She crawled up beside him with her baby doll and stayed there until it was time for bed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deck the Halls

As most of you know, I have had a pretty stressful past couple weeks of school. Last weekend, I needed a little pick me up so I thought...what is my favorite thing (other than Ella and Mike)?!?! CHRISTMAS!!! It is close enough, right? So I went ahead and decorated for Christmas music. We stayed in our pj's, made chilli, listened to Christmas carols, and decorated all day long! It was the perfect cure. What I was the most excited about was seeing the way Ella reacted to all of the decorations. We have a little apartment but I refuse to let that stop me from putting out every Christmas decoration I own along with a huge tree b/c that is just the way it has to be! We put up the tree after Ella went to bed. We turned it on before she woke up Sunday morning and her reaction was the cutest. She mumbled something along the lines of, "te te wsh whs aaaa" and was mesmerized. So far, she has stayed out of our tree pretty well but she has managed to pull over her pink tree in her bedroom on top of herself a few times :) I love Christmas time and all of the memories it brings. I love Christmas time even more with Ella because something about having a child brings back the magic of everything...especially the magic of Christmas.

What a look of wonder! (She sat like this for a couple of minutes or so)

That has pretty much been our week! I do have one little story to catch you up on. So, I volunteered in the nursery on Sunday morning and I learned a little something about my ANGEL BABY :) I use to worry that other kids would pick on her because she is usually pretty passive and low key. She put all worries aside for me on Sunday morning! There were 2 was after a little boy got on the rocking horse after her and the other was when another little girl wanted up in my lap with Ella. Both times, she saw something she didn't like, so what did my sweet girl do?!?! She definitely grabbed them by the collar of their shirts and pulled them back and forth while she screamed at them. I couldn't believe my eyes! She does have a voice and she is starting to use it. I guess we will start working with her on more "nursery friendly" ways of letting friends know how we feel :-) The rest of Sunday and Monday weren't any better! She was just so grouchy and she was throwing fits and she wouldn't eat anything we gave her and she was throwing her toys that we were trying to play with her and she was so TIRED all the time. So...We took her to the doctor thinking something was terribly wrong. The doctor checked her out as TOTALLY HEALTHY!!! This was one of the few times she had come out of the doctor's office with a clean bill of health but I couldn't believe it. Then, we finally put two and two together. She eats, sleeps, and is quite chipper when she is at Nit's house :-) She is testing her boundaries with her Mommy and Daddy! $30 dollars and a day off work later, we realized that we had just taken our baby to the doctor for "fit throwing". I don't think they can give us anything for that :0)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our playful afternoons...

This is pretty much how we spend our afternoons when we get home. Mommy and Daddy get changed into comfy clothes and then we take Ella outside to play. I know I've said it before but she just LOVES to play outside. We are trying to take advantage of the nice fall weather before it gets too cold. Lately, she is averaging 1-2 injuries from falling. The past 2 days, they have left marks:( It makes me crazy nervous...what am I going to do when she starts driving?!?! Today she fell head first into the side of the toilet so she has a bruise in between her eyes and then we went outside and she fell and bumped her mouth on the rocks. It doesn't stop her though! Not to mention, she is cutting 4 teeth right now so she is pretty sensitive. So if playing outside makes her happy then outside it is!

She is fascinated with the rocks. She always collects two, one for each hand, and keeps them the whole time we're outside!
Ella loves it when people "get her". Mike chases her and "gets her" all the time. Mike was actually just going to help her through the rocks but she took off like she thought he was going to get her. Usually when anyone gets close, she runs and takes off and gets really excited b/c she loves it when people act like they are getting her :)
This is just a fun pic of one night last week. Ella got into her closet and got her rain boots. She sat in my lap and held them to her feet. I put them on her and she was ready to roll! She got her new BFF, the pink pig, and she just pushed him all over the house like a mama with her baby in the stroller!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick Or Treat

We hope all of you had a happy Halloween! We sure did! It was a par-tae :0) To start, Ella and Daddy had a stay home day together. We woke up and found Ella playing with her big owl in her bed. We give her our little halloween treat and then Mommy got ready for work! They walked me out with the handy dandy pumpkin flashlight and Ella waved bye bye to send me off!
Ella was a butterfly this year. She was only 3 weeks old last Halloween so this was our first trick or treating adventure. She even learned how to say "boo" just in time for the big day.

First we drove to Coppell to visit our friends. Our first stop was at our dear friends, Scott and Marci's house. Our first official trick or treating stop! Call us crazy, but we were super excited about this :) 

Kate had just woken up from her nap just in time for the friends to visit. She wasn't dressed yet, but for the record, she was going to be a lamb :0)
We watched to see what she would go for to decide if our night would be successful or not and...SCORE!!! She went for the chocolate!
After Scott, Marci, and Kate's house, we were off to see Nit and Terry. Ella was so excited as soon as we pulled in the driveway. She knew just where she was at! She was waving as she was walking to the door before anyone had even come out yet :)
The only problem is that she thought we were taking her to Nit's house to stay for the day. She definitely cried when we were leaving and trying to take her with us! We tried not to take it personal. She clung to Terry's neck in tears! We are so happy to have someone to take care of Ella that loves her so much and that she loves so much too!

Nit had made Ella a special bag just for her...

"Ok Mom and Dad, you can leave now, I'm with Terry and ready to play!"
Then, after all of our Coppell stops, we were off to McKinney! We just decided to trick or treat the entire metroplex this year :) So here we are at Matt and Heathers. We were thier first trick or treater in their new home!

They even had bubbles for Ella and yummy you can see, Ella enjoyed the sucker immensely! This is the life!

After Matt and Heather's house, we went to Mike and Elise's house. We grilled out and refueled with a yummy dinner. Then we hit it for round 2 in their neighborhood. 
Ella definitely banged on their door. The butterfly says, "open up!"

Ok, this next few pics are just little updates since I didn't get to blog much last week...

This is Ella's pig. She goes through stages of clinging to certain things and we are waiting to see what will eventually stick. Right now, it is her Mon Calin pink pig. When she wakes up, she immediately goes to find her pig. When we get ready to leave the house, she gets her pig! 
This is early one morning last week when we were about to leave the house to go to Nits.
Working hard on her that is a look of concentration!
And last but not least...Ella's new favorite hobby! Now that she is walking, she has developed a new love for the great outdoors :0) She LOVES to go outside! She will bang on our front door when she is ready to play outside. It is nice because Mike and I can sit on the swing and Ella can just toddle around and do her thing. She is fascinated with acorns! We just have to watch so she doesn't try to taste test the acorns :)
Sorry for the long was such an eventful night and we had tons to share! If you haven't already, check out the video of Ella in the post below...hilarious!