Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Par-Tae!!

Ella's birthday was a hit. It was everything I had been dreaming of, hoping for, and planning for! Everyone was able to make it...even Ella's great grandmother and her great Aunt from Missouri and her Uncle and Aunt and cousins from Oklahoma were able to travel to be there. The weather was beautiful and it was such a sweet time. All of her family and closest friends were there. Ella was a tad bit grouchy but hey, it was her party and she could cry if she wanted to!! She was happy for her presents and cake but I think she was a little overwhelmed and she stuck pretty close to us :0) Everyone loved on Ella as much as she would let them and it was such a special time! Ok so I hired a photographer who took some AMAZING pictures, but they are not up on his website yet. When he gets them up and when I get the CD I'll post some on the blog and let you know the website so you can check them all out. It was so busy during the party that I didn't get to take very many pictures but that is what our favorite photographer was there for! Here are the few that I got but I promise there are much better pictures to come. 
Yes, I made this highchair cover with my own to hands, my pink sewing machine, and one of my best friends Erin. It was way cheaper and way cuter than the one we found online. Thanks girl!
We sang happy birthday and then gave her her smash cake. When we set the cake down in front of her, she just opened her mouth as wide as she could and sat there like, "is someone going to feed me already?" Mike put her face in it and then she took it from there. It was all fun and games until the icing got into the eye. That is when fun turned to tragedy :0) When she got into the cake, she started making her "halloween face" at everyone. She was in heaven!
After her party, we all cleaned up and went to Market Place for a yummy birthday dinner. She was totally on a sugar high from the cake!
We finished off the birthday evening in Van Buren with Mimi and Pops. We went to church on Sunday and then celebrated Aunt DeeDee's birthday on Sunday. The girls went shopping while the guys stayed home with the babies and watched football. Ella played with her cousins, Kenzie and Jonah and we just had a fun time!
Daddy and Ella at church on Sunday morning. 

This is Ella's cousin that is only 2 weeks older than Ella!
This is our nephew Jonah. He is already 2 years old!

A friend that I work with bought Ella the Velveteen Rabbit for her birthday. She didn't even know that this was one of my favorite childhood stories! Anyway, it came with a little velveteen rabbit and Ella cuddled with it all night long. As soon as she pulled it out of the bag, she put it up to her neck to love on it and she never put it down. She is such a snuggle bug!


Kari Beth said...

What a sweet party! I love the hi-chair (sp?) cover! So cute! Happy Birthday Ella Avery!

Amber said...

Yes, definitely add me!! Ella is so cute!! Don't you just love having a little girl??!! I love these blogs, makes it easy to keep in touch!!! Maybe someday my two girls will get to meet Ella!