Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy First Birthday

We are so excited to go home this weekend to have Ella's big first birthday party...and it is going to be a PARTY!!! It is a cupcake theme so all things cupcake will be involved for our little cupcake. There will be plenty of pictures to come next week of her birthday party!

Our little cupcake turned one today! Happy birthday baby girl! When I think about the past year, so many things go through my head. I think about when we found out I was pregnant, when we told our family, when we learned that our he was a she, I think about the night she was born, I think about all of our "learning experiences" with our first baby (and they all bring a smile to my face if not make me laugh out loud), I think of the first 4 months that I basically stayed up all night every night just to make sure she was breathing, how I still worry about every minute thing, I think of each time she learned something new and how proud of her I was, I think of our first Christmas, my first time to bring her home to Arkansas, the first time she smiled, the first time she laughed, the first time she got sick and the list goes on. With all the we have been through the past year, it is hard to believe that it all happened in just one year! 
A lot of the things I'm not even able to process yet because it all happened so fast! It has been the most amazing year that I never could have imagined. Our lives have changed so much in one year. Ella changes so much from week to week. We have been so incredibly blessed with this  little love. I love our new little family. I get excited about the years to come and I get a little nervous because if they go by as fast as this one did, then I am going to be sending her off to her first day of kindergarten next week! It is also fun to look back and see how much Mike and I have changed and individually in our new roles and how much our marriage has grown. I love this girl! I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Here are some pictures of Ella Bella's big day...

When we got home, we had a present in the mail from Nana and Papa Bo!
Heeve Ho!

Thank you Nana and Papa Bo for my fancy outfit! It will be the first thing I wear the day it cools off!

She even read the card. She loves to read/play with cards, books, magazines...she is definitely her father's daughter. So far she seems interested in things to read. Unfortunately, she didn't get that from her momma :0) 

Daddy said that Ella wanted to go out to eat at Razzoo's (Daddy's favorite restaurant) so what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets! At that very moment, exactly one year ago, the doctor's had starved me all day long and wouldn't let me eat before I had Ella and I remember that I had never been so hungry in my entire life, so...that was my justification for eating the entire basket of fried pickles!!! Daddy had his favorite stuffed fish. Baby Ella had pureed squash and bananas! Since it was her birthday and she needed a little treat, we splurged on a side of shredded cheese :0)

They came to sing to her and gave her a free dessert..yum yum. The picture below is the cutest and most confused expression of her trying to figure out why these people were singing at our table. I think she knew it was all for her. She even clapped at the end!
"Here Ella, let mommy and daddy help you with that" :0)
My blue eyed angel baby :0)


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Ella!! You are a doll!!!

Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

I really enjoyed that post. You have a wonderful life and family!! Good Luck with the party this weekend, I am sure Ella will have no trouble being the center of attention. Happy Happy Birthday Ella! love, Taylor and Stella