Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ella's Dedication

Sunday was Ella's baby dedication...FINALLY! It was such a special day. My parents were able to be there as well as our wonderful friends, Mike and Elise who just love on Ella so much. It was a great morning until we went to lunch and I realized something wasn't right...I had the stomach flu...O NO! It seemed minor compared to what we had already been through and I was just glad that baby Ella was feeling better and could enjoy her big day and all of the people there to love on her. 

As you can see, our little munchkin roo is feeling all better! I think she was spoiled rotten from being catered to while she was so sick so we have had a fun couple of days trying to get back to "normal life" and still assuring Ella that she is our princess, even though we can't rock her all night every night and hold her everywhere we go :0)

Is this sad or cute?

Ok so this is Ella's new trick. When we say "halloween face", she does this! She did it totally unprompted all during the church service the morning of her dedication to the people sitting behind us. I turned around to apologize in case she was distracting them, only to find a row of people cracking up! 

Here are the couple of pictures I took in the hospital. The first one was in the emergency room. They told us not to feed her but the poor baby hadn't lost her appetite at that point and she was starving so we snuck her a little Jamba Juice :0) She was crinkling her nose trying to figure out what it the world was in her nose b/c the the intelligent emergency room nurse put an adult sized oxygen tube in her tiny baby nose and an IV right in the crease of her left arm which holds her favorite thumb...really...I mean come on! Anyway, I won't say anymore about that. I can say that the pediatric ward was AWESOME...they took such good care of our baby and her worried mommy and daddy. 

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