Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This weekend, we took a long weekend and went home to Arkansas for our niece's first birthday party. I know that I have posted a TON of pictures but we had so much fun that I couldn't decide what to post! Kenzie turned one. Kenzie and Ella were born 2 weeks apart and I can't believe that our girls are one year old already! Good times :0) Thursday we stopped in Van Buren so Mimi and Pops could spend some time with Ella. Then we drove on to Springdale and went to eat at Shogun with Nana. My dad was on a bike trip so we didn't get to see him this time. We sat at the hibachi grill. Ella was terrified by the big fire trick they do at the beginning but after that, she clapped for the chef the entire time he cooked! She loved it! Then, we went over to David and Tesha's house to spend some time with them but Ella got to hang at home with Nana. We also got to go watch my cousin Blake play football on Friday night and see some more of my family. Ella hung in there through the game and seemed to be entertained by the atmosphere! We got to shop a little and spend a lot of time with Nana, Aunt Tesha, Uncle David, Jonah, Mimi, and Pops...all of our favorite people (except my dad who was on a bike trip)! Ella was up late every night and partied hard all day so she is about wiped out. So far this morning, she slept in til about 8:00 and then went down for a nap at 9:00 and has been asleep for 2 hours. Here are some pictures from our weekend, but mainly Kenzie's birthday party. Happy birthday Kenzie

Ella lovin on Aunt DeeDee

Ella and the birthday girl!

Pops and his babies!

Ella, you look so pretty!


Ella was in love with her Aunt Tesha this weekend. She was a little cuddle bug!

Climbing is Ella's new trick! She can climb onto the ottoman, onto the fire place and apparently into the toybox!

Ella at the football game...go Blake go!!

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