Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 in 1

Hello all! I'm making up for 2 blog posts in 1. I was so busy last week that I didn't get to blog the day that Ella turned 11 months! We cannot believe it. This time last year, I was waddling around everywhere and absolutely ready to have a baby! I was counting the days and just thought the day would never come! And just 1 year later from that, which feels like only a couple weeks, we are planning her first birthday party. It has been a wild, busy, happy, and fulfilling year. Happy 11 months Ella!!

She woke up this morning on her 11 month birthday saying, "dada dada!" We heard her through the monitor. She was all about her dada that morning. I love her look of admiration in this picture.

My mom came to visit this weekend and it was a perfect rainy weekend to craft, cook, and bake. It rained all day Saturday starting about 12:00 so mom and I got out and about that morning to make our runs to a couple shops. We came back with a few new outfits for Ella's fall wardrobe (we LOVE safari kids), some groceries to cook some yummy vegetable beef stew which was perfect for the day, and materials for a rainy day craft! Ella's first birthday is coming up and it is a cupcake theme. Martha Stewart ( I should have known better) has these fabulous cupcake pops that you can make :0) Needless to say, Martha is full of it, and the cupcake pops were a flop. They were impossible! So I guess only Martha herself is capable of making these things which does me no good. Anyway, we figured out a make shift cupcake pop plan. After our failure in the kitchen, we decided to redeem ourselves and make a FABULOUS halloween tutu. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Ella was a wild one this weekend so she was everywhere and into everything she could find. She played hard :0)

On our way to pick up Nana from the airport before all the rain.

Ok so she was a little on the cranky side on Saturday. It was Ella's way or no way that day! So, Ella's way it was!

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Rachel said...

She is such a doll!! I love that tutu outfit!