Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're home

Our poor Ella Bella finally got to go home from the hospital today. What a wild week! After all of the tests and x-rays they ran, they could never find exactly what virus it was. All they were able to tell us is that she had a very bad virus that attacked her lungs and respiratory system. She was so strong and tolerant, and was such a trooper through it all. She has been poked, pinched, squeezed, taped, and just "messed with" for days now and she is worn out. We've got all sorts of needle marks, torn skin from tape, bruises from IVs and such. It broke my heart because she was absolutely terrified and I couldn't explain to her what was happening. But she is aware enough to know what's going on. If you've ever been in the hospital, you know they make their rounds every few hours so she hasn't really slept. One day, she had absolutely had it. We heard her growl, yes growl, and then she ripped her breathing tubes off of her face, out of her nose, tape and all, and it even tore some of her skin! I can't say that I blame her. Can you imagine corralling an 11 month old with tubes coming out of everywhere? CRAZY!! Thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, visits, and food.We have to continue the breathing treatments, steroids, and antibiotics at home so we are now the proud new owners of a nebulizer! We always seem to purchase some sort of machinery every time we end up at the hospital...but I'll take the nebulizer over the baby tanning bed for jaundice babies :0) After we were discharged, her pediatrician came back for one last look and guess what? A DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! So that makes ear infection #3 and #4 this month. So they gave us 2 antibiotic shots b/c the only medication for ear infections that she is not allergic to, she has had twice in a month! Sadly enough, I wasn't really suprised. We are at home, Ella is sleeping like a champ, and hopefully we are on the up and up. Here are a couple of my favorite stories that I thought were so cute. She is such a little doll and her personality is showing itself more and more everyday...
Last night, the girl just wanted to go home. She sat in our room and just waved to herself and continued to say "bye bye" for at least an hour. We had a couple of visitors, and when they left, she would crawl to the door and bang on it and just cry "bye bye bye bye". It was a cry for help and it was almost like she was saying, "TAKE ME WITH YOU!!" That actually sounds really sad but at the time it was pretty cute.
My other favorite story was from today. She was feeling much better and we had gotten rid of all of the tubes. We had been watching Yo Gabba Gabba on TV and a friend came into visit. As soon as he walked through the doors, she started working it! She was throwing herself back on the bed and just moaning and putting her hands on her head like, "poor me, I'm so sick!" She had totally figured it out! As soon as he left, she took her cup, stopped putting on the works, and just continued to watch TV! When the nurse came it, she turned it back on again. She just threw herself down on me and started moaning, ooing, and awing again. 
So for those of you who don't know the story, here is what happened...
Monday was great. At about 3:00 on Tuesday morning, it all started and it was down hill from there. We ended up in the emergency room and then they admitted her to the pediatric ward. She came down with cough on Sunday and Monday. Then early Tuesday morning, she woke up crying and was breathing really hard and fast and was so congested. We were trying to make it until the doctor's office opens, but by 6:00, 3 hours later, she was grunting and could hardly breath. It came on so fast. We rushed to the emergency room and she was immediately started on breathing treatments. She worsened after the breathing treatments and started to turn colors from lack of oxygen. Her breathing tubes were closing. So they had to put an oxygen tube on her and give her oxygen. That may have been the scariest moment ever! After we were admitted in our fancy room (if any of you have been through pediatrics at Presby Plano you'll know what I'm talking about) which was way more comfortable than the yucky emergency room. But things got worse before they got better. To top it off, Mike and I ended up really sick as well! She stayed on oxygen, an IV, and a monitor for vital signs which was another trip. The first day, all she cared to do was lay down. But the second day, she would go through about 10 minute spurts where she would want to move and play. So, you can imagine trying to corral an 11 month old with tubes coming out of everywhere! Long story short, we ended up staying 3 days and 2 nights. She was able to stay off of the oxygen for the most part last night so they let us go home. She was one sick baby, and still is, but we can at least take care of her at home. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This weekend, we took a long weekend and went home to Arkansas for our niece's first birthday party. I know that I have posted a TON of pictures but we had so much fun that I couldn't decide what to post! Kenzie turned one. Kenzie and Ella were born 2 weeks apart and I can't believe that our girls are one year old already! Good times :0) Thursday we stopped in Van Buren so Mimi and Pops could spend some time with Ella. Then we drove on to Springdale and went to eat at Shogun with Nana. My dad was on a bike trip so we didn't get to see him this time. We sat at the hibachi grill. Ella was terrified by the big fire trick they do at the beginning but after that, she clapped for the chef the entire time he cooked! She loved it! Then, we went over to David and Tesha's house to spend some time with them but Ella got to hang at home with Nana. We also got to go watch my cousin Blake play football on Friday night and see some more of my family. Ella hung in there through the game and seemed to be entertained by the atmosphere! We got to shop a little and spend a lot of time with Nana, Aunt Tesha, Uncle David, Jonah, Mimi, and Pops...all of our favorite people (except my dad who was on a bike trip)! Ella was up late every night and partied hard all day so she is about wiped out. So far this morning, she slept in til about 8:00 and then went down for a nap at 9:00 and has been asleep for 2 hours. Here are some pictures from our weekend, but mainly Kenzie's birthday party. Happy birthday Kenzie

Ella lovin on Aunt DeeDee

Ella and the birthday girl!

Pops and his babies!

Ella, you look so pretty!


Ella was in love with her Aunt Tesha this weekend. She was a little cuddle bug!

Climbing is Ella's new trick! She can climb onto the ottoman, onto the fire place and apparently into the toybox!

Ella at the football game...go Blake go!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Click play on the video below to check out Ella's new trick...this one is for all of our football lovin friends and family!

Now we need to teacher her how to call the hogs!

Ella has been a little wild one lately! She has all kinds of new ornery smiles, silly laughs, and sneaky ways :0) She was on fire tonight!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 in 1

Hello all! I'm making up for 2 blog posts in 1. I was so busy last week that I didn't get to blog the day that Ella turned 11 months! We cannot believe it. This time last year, I was waddling around everywhere and absolutely ready to have a baby! I was counting the days and just thought the day would never come! And just 1 year later from that, which feels like only a couple weeks, we are planning her first birthday party. It has been a wild, busy, happy, and fulfilling year. Happy 11 months Ella!!

She woke up this morning on her 11 month birthday saying, "dada dada!" We heard her through the monitor. She was all about her dada that morning. I love her look of admiration in this picture.

My mom came to visit this weekend and it was a perfect rainy weekend to craft, cook, and bake. It rained all day Saturday starting about 12:00 so mom and I got out and about that morning to make our runs to a couple shops. We came back with a few new outfits for Ella's fall wardrobe (we LOVE safari kids), some groceries to cook some yummy vegetable beef stew which was perfect for the day, and materials for a rainy day craft! Ella's first birthday is coming up and it is a cupcake theme. Martha Stewart ( I should have known better) has these fabulous cupcake pops that you can make :0) Needless to say, Martha is full of it, and the cupcake pops were a flop. They were impossible! So I guess only Martha herself is capable of making these things which does me no good. Anyway, we figured out a make shift cupcake pop plan. After our failure in the kitchen, we decided to redeem ourselves and make a FABULOUS halloween tutu. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Ella was a wild one this weekend so she was everywhere and into everything she could find. She played hard :0)

On our way to pick up Nana from the airport before all the rain.

Ok so she was a little on the cranky side on Saturday. It was Ella's way or no way that day! So, Ella's way it was!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

Ella looked like a little ballet princess for church this morning so I thought I would share...enjoy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Princess and Her Bush Baby at the Park

I took a half day off of work today to take Ella to the eye doctor for her clogged tear duct. We love the doctor's office...OR NOT! We appreciate our wonderful docto
r's but we seem to have to go visit them way to often! The good news, no surgery. The sad news, they did an outpatient procedure that involved sticking a wire down her tear duct to her nose (no sleepy meds, no pain meds, wide awake) so you can imagine the drama. When they brought her back to me, she was blood gushing from her eye and nose and I thought I was going to come unglued!! Can you imagine what she must have been thinking being strapped to a bed and having something shoved down your eye?!?! If she were able to eat people food, I would have taken her out for cookies and ice cream. I guess the doctor read my face as he was explaining it it me and advised that I not go in with him which was wise b/c I ended up in tears just listening in from the next room! My track record is not so good so far when it comes to "staying calm" with Ella in medical situations :0) The doctor was very calm like he does it everyday, which he does so maybe that's why. I guess I just wasn't really prepared for that. But I think it worked and hopefully her eye will clear up and that can be the end of that...whew! So we (me, Ella, and the bush baby) spent the rest of the day at the park laying on a blanket, eating snacks, and playing on the swings and slides. It was a beautiful day! 
Hello, anyone there?