Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Witch and a Bush Baby

So little Ella has been sick this weekend. We were trying to hold off to go to her pediatrician during the week but the poor girl was so uncomfortable and had been screaming all day so we took her to the Urgent Care doctor and I bet you can guess...ANOTHER EAR INFECTION...and a sinus infection on the side :0) Poor baby! As we were leaving the doctor, I let her pick out a sticker. They  were all disney princesses like Cinderella, Aerial, Bell...and one with the wicked witch from sleeping beauty. If you read my "Who Flung Dung" blog post from our trip to the book store then I bet you can guess which one she picked. Yep...that's right...the wicked witch :0) I love this girl! So, we went to pick up her prescription at Tom Thumb but they needed a minute so we went across to this toy store called learning express and there it was...Ella's next infatuation, a bush baby that whistles "who hoo"!! She grabbed it and smiled and cuddled with it, and just buried her little face in it and just sat there and smiled like she had to have it. It has already begun! So I tried to put it back on the shelf and she had an absolute fit! I tried to give her the pink one that made a bouncy noise, and the yellow one that made a kissy noise, but no...she wouldn't have anything to do with it. It had to be THAT purple bush baby that said "who hoo"!! So what did I do, I bought the bush baby and she was just beaming! It was one of the few (if not the first) smiles she had smiled today. She screamed at the cashier as she gently pulled the tag over just to scan. I figure she's too young to spoil right?!?! Anything for my sick baby :0) So this afternoon, we came home with an antibiotic, a wicked witch sticker, and a bush baby and all was right with the world :0)
Is it me or is the sticker a little on the scary side?!?

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Brooks said...

I just love how Ella goes against the flow...the wicked witch sticker is great!! Hope school is going well for you, miss you friend!