Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Sunday

Well, Ella and Daddy are taking a nap right now, so I thought I would take advantage of some down time to blog...of course! Ella and I slept in today...I had a super busy week with very loooong days last week so Ella and I had a sleep in day while Daddy went to represent at church :0) When Daddy got home, we went to the mall to eat some lunch and let Ella play in the kiddie gym. She was so excited! It was super had a bouncy floor and everything! We lost the bow half way through which explains the mohawk :0) Here are a couple pics of our fun family day...

A spoon full of sugar!
She attracted quite the crowd!
Life is good!
Back at home for a snack!

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Rachel said...

Hi Amber - I found your blog through Stella! I am pretty sure we went to school together or something you look really familiar (or maybe one of my sisters??)!

Anyway - Ella is a doll and you have a cute blog...I will definitely be back!!