Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back To School!!!

Well, this week was my first week back to school! We are back in full swing and ready for another fantastic year! (hopefully a little less eventful than last year ;0) ) My leisurely ways this summer did not maintain the endurance I had built up for the working days so my post will be short because I am a TIRED MOMMA! I just have a few pictures of my precious baby Ella to show off. The first one a the top is Ella and Daddy sending mommy off to her first day back to school! She is handling the new routine pretty well. The first day she stayed home so I could just concentrate on work, the second day was her 1st day back at Nit's and she was pretty upset, and today was her 2nd day and she was only a little upset in the afternoon so tomorrow should be even better! 

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