Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Witch and a Bush Baby

So little Ella has been sick this weekend. We were trying to hold off to go to her pediatrician during the week but the poor girl was so uncomfortable and had been screaming all day so we took her to the Urgent Care doctor and I bet you can guess...ANOTHER EAR INFECTION...and a sinus infection on the side :0) Poor baby! As we were leaving the doctor, I let her pick out a sticker. They  were all disney princesses like Cinderella, Aerial, Bell...and one with the wicked witch from sleeping beauty. If you read my "Who Flung Dung" blog post from our trip to the book store then I bet you can guess which one she picked. Yep...that's right...the wicked witch :0) I love this girl! So, we went to pick up her prescription at Tom Thumb but they needed a minute so we went across to this toy store called learning express and there it was...Ella's next infatuation, a bush baby that whistles "who hoo"!! She grabbed it and smiled and cuddled with it, and just buried her little face in it and just sat there and smiled like she had to have it. It has already begun! So I tried to put it back on the shelf and she had an absolute fit! I tried to give her the pink one that made a bouncy noise, and the yellow one that made a kissy noise, but no...she wouldn't have anything to do with it. It had to be THAT purple bush baby that said "who hoo"!! So what did I do, I bought the bush baby and she was just beaming! It was one of the few (if not the first) smiles she had smiled today. She screamed at the cashier as she gently pulled the tag over just to scan. I figure she's too young to spoil right?!?! Anything for my sick baby :0) So this afternoon, we came home with an antibiotic, a wicked witch sticker, and a bush baby and all was right with the world :0)
Is it me or is the sticker a little on the scary side?!?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Sunday

Well, Ella and Daddy are taking a nap right now, so I thought I would take advantage of some down time to blog...of course! Ella and I slept in today...I had a super busy week with very loooong days last week so Ella and I had a sleep in day while Daddy went to represent at church :0) When Daddy got home, we went to the mall to eat some lunch and let Ella play in the kiddie gym. She was so excited! It was super had a bouncy floor and everything! We lost the bow half way through which explains the mohawk :0) Here are a couple pics of our fun family day...

A spoon full of sugar!
She attracted quite the crowd!
Life is good!
Back at home for a snack!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back To School!!!

Well, this week was my first week back to school! We are back in full swing and ready for another fantastic year! (hopefully a little less eventful than last year ;0) ) My leisurely ways this summer did not maintain the endurance I had built up for the working days so my post will be short because I am a TIRED MOMMA! I just have a few pictures of my precious baby Ella to show off. The first one a the top is Ella and Daddy sending mommy off to her first day back to school! She is handling the new routine pretty well. The first day she stayed home so I could just concentrate on work, the second day was her 1st day back at Nit's and she was pretty upset, and today was her 2nd day and she was only a little upset in the afternoon so tomorrow should be even better! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

Almost back to school! We have spent a lot of family time and stay at home pajama days together this week before Mommy goes back to work and Daddy starts the fall semester of his 2nd year of seminary. It has been such a great summer. We also had a busy weekend! Ella had her first play date with two little twin boys. We saw friends, had dinner dates, went to church, and even shopped a little! Next week, I will start school and Ella will get to go to Nit's to see her friends Ava, Tia, and Zoe. Of course I'm not looking forward to leaving her but I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sitter that loves Ella and such a great school and friends to work with. It is about that time of year again and we are ready for it! Just like last year, it is going to be a great year with a lot of fun times to come :0)

We went to the half price bookstore (Daddy's version of heaven) to hang out and get out of the house. Come to find out, Ella, like her Daddy, LOVES books! She LOVED the books and was perfectly entertained just walking along the shelves and pulling a couple out here and there. Ella and I strolled over to the children's section to hang out so I could look at the children's books (my favorite :0)) She pulled one of the shelf and sat in the floor with it looking very intently at it. So while she was occupied, I browsed. I thought it was so cute and that I should just buy the book as a memory of her first trip to the bookstore. I thought for  sure she had picked out a book about princesses, pink puppy dogs, or maybe even fairies! When I walked over to see her "book of choice" I had to read it again to make sure I was seeing right. The book was called "Who Flung Dung?" Yes that's right! It was a children's book about monkeys. I couldn't help but to laugh a little. I still might go back and buy the book :0)

"Daddy, who flung dung?"

Ella Bella was not a happy camper at church today. She's in a great mood...she just wasn't too happy about going to the nursery this time! Some days are just mommy days right? Usually she'll cry for a minute and she's done by the time I am finished filling out her yellow slip. After the service and before class, I just felt like I needed to go check on soon as I walked through the doors (college ministry is in a different building) I hear the cry of my whaling baby echoing through the halls (they sent her on a ride in the baby buggy to see if that would help calm her) no :0) She wasn't digging the big baby buggy ride this week. I felt so bad. Before she could see me, I could see her looking at all of the people walking through the hall and I could tell she had no clue what was going on or where her mommy and daddy were. I was all I could do not to run through the halls...but I refrained. So anyway, I came to her rescue and she got to go to class with us! All better!

What a big girl standing up all by herself!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Times

I have been reminiscing lately over the last whirlwind of the 10 months that have flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was ginormously preggers moving to the sweltering heat of Texas in the middle of summer and then waddling my way around the school for the first 6 weeks before little Ella Avery made her way into the world. Then, we finished out the school year with the most precious little miracle that we have watched grow, bless our lives, and have enjoyed so much (sleepless nights, hospital runs, endless worrying, and all)!  Being a teacher, I keep up with the year's events according to the school calendar :0) So then summer break came and I'm not really sure what happened! All of that seems like just yesterday except for  this time, almost a year later, I am in the middle of the sweltering Texas heat again (but without my 40 lb fur coat strapped to my belly) and I am about to start school again, but I have a little baby who is not looking like a little baby anymore! A soon to be year has flown by and our tiny baby is almost a toddler all of the sudden! The time has gone by so fast. When I see what all has happened and how much has changed in just a year, it makes me excited to see what the next year holds because I know more precious times are to come. Sometimes I also get a little sad because it also means that first year of our new family, the first chapter in our big story is wrapping up (even though I know there are plenty more chapters to come)!! As soon as I get a little sad, Ella does something super cool and new and I can't wait for her to grow and do more!! Ok, I'll stop are a few pictures of our not so baby looking baby...
Wooo pig souie! This is our future Arkansas Razorback (or Ouachita Tiger) but probably a RAZORBACK!!! sorry Mike ;-)   ~She knows what to do when the camera comes on!

Is it just me or does she look like a little mini Mike in these pictures :0)

Mommy's little snuggle bug...She's a cuddler!

Thanks Aunt D for my cool new toothbrushes! You're the best!

And this is what happens when you try to take one away...
Flock of Seagulls maybe?!?! Cute right?!?!

OH NO!!! One of Ella's new tricks! She know's to cover her face when something happens and we say oh no! My favorite is when she puts both hands over her head and gets a worried "oh no" look. I mean, who cares what she can you be made at that?!?!
And then to wrap up, I have to give a shout out to the best Nana in the world....WOOO HOOO!! Mom came this weekend to help me get my classroom back into shape. It was much easier this time because I had already been in there for a year and I wasn't 7 months pregnant trying to stand on chairs and tables :0) Even at that, there was PLENTY of work to do but with the help of Team Reading (Ella and Mike) and Nana, we got it done in 2 days and it looks fabulous. We really appreciate all of your help with the classroom and with Ella and everything else that you do! She obviously adores you and we all love your company:0) And as always thank you for taking care of us :0) We miss you already! (And thank you for "the outfit" that you bought Ella) haha

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ella's New Look

Check out Ella's new do! If you look closely, you will see....PIGGY TAILS :0) Yes that is right, we now have enough hair for pig tails. They are tiny but they are so precious! I think they give her a new attitude...see below...