Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we are back home in Texas. We had a GREAT trip to Arkansas. Ella had plenty of time to get to know her family and be pampered and spoiled :0) We are glad to be back home and to be a family again...Daddy missed us pretty bad! Ella finally warmed up to her Pops and Papa Bo! For some reason, she was scared of 2 of the people that love her the most! By the end of the trip, they were buddies. She will miss her grandpas very much!
So now we're back at home. THANKFULLY Ella is sleeping through the night (which she did not do on our trip) and she is into everything. I'm about to have to redecorate the house to a more baby friendly decor. So far she has discovered she can pull books off of the book shelf, open cabinets to find all kids of stuff, and pull stuff off of the end tables. We've had few catasrophes and broken objects but that is ok! We've spent our first days at home unpacking, playing in our pjs, and going to the pool. Yesterday, she stood up for a good 30 seconds too! Once she realizes that she can do it, she is going to take us all! 
This is Ella's new trick...snorting! I'm so proud! It is the cutest thing ever :0) She crinkles up her nose and snorts. She usually does it just to be silly, riding in the car, or while she's eating. 
Mommy's summer break is about to come to an end but I have enjoyed watching all of her milestones everyday over the summer. As if we weren't already, we're pretty attached! This little lady melts my heart everyday. I'm not sure who will cry more on the first day of school when our free days of playing, spending all of our time together, staying our pjs, lounging at the pool, napping, and shopping will come to an end for a short while. Thank goodness for holiday breaks :0)


Bella Jack's said...

It was so nice meeting you and your precious Ella at the store with your mom! Im glad you had a great trip here in Arkansas! You'll have to come back and visit soon! Ella is a perfect model for us! I will have to keep checking back on your blog to see her! Take care!

Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

she is looking even more like a little girl!! She is so cute, I love the snorting picture. She looks like 'bewitched'!! I can't wait till we can head to dallas so we can shop where you do. I love her silver sandals!! Talk to you guys soon....,