Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ella's Latest

Sorry guys...the computer is back at Best Buy again...story of our life...but this time we should be getting a new one!! I wanted to post a quick update since I have the time and I'll follow up with some pictures probably tomorrow. I am going to have a friend bring over their computer and let me tell you I have taken some of the CUTEST pictures of little baby Ella yet. She is so fun. She is crawling now but she doesn't just take of thank goodness!! She will go as far as she has to until she can just belly flop and reach. She is pulling up on everything and it is a little scary b/c she is fearless and she'll just let go! And my favorite trick of all....SHE SAYS MAMA!!! She says dada too but my favorite part was the mama!! We've had some bumps and bruises but I guess that is all a part of it. Our sister-in-law Tesha and Ella's cousin Jonah are visiting right now and it has been fun to watch them play together. Aunt Tesha is Ella's buddy...Ella will wave bye bye to people which has multiple meanings. She waves bye bye when you leave or when she wants you to pick her anyway, she waves bye bye at Aunt Tesha to get her to pick her up. Ella hasn't been much of a napper lately...she's a fighter!! She is also cutting her 6th tooth so I guess I'll cut her some slack :0) We are leaving for Arkansas next week and we are SOOOOOO excited to see our Arkansas people! Anyway...I'll be back soon to post some pictures and I'll see a lot of you very soon :0)

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Courtney said...

can't wait to see new pictures of ella avery. she is a cutie. enjoy your trip. courtney