Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bye Bye

Yes those are Ella's first words...bye bye! I had her at school yesterday for a baby shower and as we were leaving, someone told her bye bye. After we walked out the door, she said bye bye!! I thought I was going to start dancing in the school parking lot I was so excited. I thought maybe it was a coincidence but we practiced on the way home and I got a bye out of her. This morning, she said it again for her Daddy as we were leaving to go to Mrs. Nit's house. We went to a cook out for memorial day at our friends house. Ella got ahold of someones hat and a plastic cup and she was a happy camper after that! After all of the money we spend on fun toys, we find out all it takes is a plastic cup :0) Well, I still don't have our computer back so I'm still not able to blog but I really should have it back sometime next week. I am squeezing out this quick post on a friends computer. I have so many cute pics that I've taken lately and I can't wait to share them! Ella is cutting her 4th and 5th teeth right now. I have 5 1/2 days of school left and then I am off for summer break. I cannot wait! Well, I have to go but hopefully I will be back soon with some blog posts or I am going to have to go regulate on someone at Best Buy!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Polka-Dot Princess

Hello All! Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that my blogging efforts will temporarily be put on hold while our computer is getting fixed at Best Buy. Hopefully it won't take too long but I wanted to let everyone know because last time I received some hate mail when a week went by with no new all know who you are! So...hang in there and we will be back soon very soon! As for the latest on Ella...she is a polka-dot princess right now. She is covered in big red whelps from head to toe and she is pretty pitiful. The doctor says that she may have a virus but he thinks it is a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic that she was on for an ear infection. He gave her some steroids and we are just waiting for it to go away. She has also learned how to scream....VERY LOUD :0) They are not cry screams, they are fun screams...well, fun for her anyway! I do have to say it is kinda cute. She got really excited in the doctor's office yesterday so she practiced them! We also have found out that she is very technologically advanced. Yesterday, she made a phone call to her Grammy and Pop's house all by herself! They were just talking away to her and could hear her talking and chewing on my phone and I had no clue. I was just thankful that I wasn't like singing at the top of my lungs to her like I do when it is just us in the house sometimes! Well that is all for now and when we get the computer back I will have many pictures to post to make up for lost time...keep in touch!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ella Bella Munchkin Roo

Ok so it's a little lengthy but Ella Bella Munchkin Roo has been Ella's nickname that has stuck with that is what we call her! I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has another ear infection. This poor baby inherited hermomma's inner ear :0( Other than that, we have been doing pretty good! We are down to 2 bottles a night. Ella's sitter bought me a great book that has really helped us get her on a good schedule. Ella has made 3 best friends at her babysitter's house named Tia, Ava, and baby Zoe who is only 6 weeks younger than Ella. When I drop her off, she gets right down in the floor and starts to play and she loves it. We only have 4 more weeks of school after this week and I am so excited to have the summer to spend with Ella and my husband. We have had a busy year and we are ready to have some quality family time over the summer break! Here are some pictures that I have taken of Ella...I can't believe how big she looks! I have to brag on myself for being thrifty because unfortunately...that is usually not my style! I made Ella's cute little head band. I got tired of buying them for $30 a pop and decided that I could do it myself...thank goodness for Hobby Lobby!
This is Ella's new favorite way to sleep in her crib. We are not quite sure how she gets turned sideways but she always manages! At first we turned her around but then we decided it was a lost cause. It is kind of cute because her head rubs up against the bumper so she has adorable bed head in the morning that spikes right up! This is Buddy, our school dog at Lakeside! My awesome principal, his wife, and Buddy babysat Ella for Mike and I so we could go on a date. Buddy and Ella get along quite nice. The only problem is that when Ella cries, it scares Buddy so he barks, which just makes Ella cry more because we all know how funny she is about loud noises...its a vicious cycle :0) I think Ella is wondering where she can get a hair-do like that!

Check out this video of Ella's sweet giggles. She knows how much we love to hear them so she has learned how to keep them going...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sweet Little Angel

Ella was a hit at church this morning! We visited a new church and the old ladies just went on and on about how sweet she was. She was gleaming like everyone at the church came just to see her! She has learned to play bashful and flirt with people and it is so funny. You can tell she loves the attention and she gets plenty of it! When she tried to carry on a conversation the whole time with the people sitting behind us, I figured I better go sit in the back with her. Hmmm...I think next time we'll let her play in the nursery :0) She was happy to be there fur sure!

Ella on the move...well, almost!

Ella wants ever so badly to be able to go somewhere on her own! She will hardly sit up and play on the floor anymore because as soon as she gets down, she rolls over on her hands and knees, and then she crashes. I don't know what I'll do when she starts crawling everywhere! Whew...that will be a good work out chasing this curious little baby around :0)Ready to roll...
Oh so close...


Bath Time

Ella absolutely LOVES her baths! She has not always enjoyed them but she has grown fond of her rubber duckies and fun bath toys. When we give her baths, we sing the rubber ducky song but replace "rubber ducky" with "Ella Avery" and she seems to really like that song :0)