Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Cheer

 This little sweetie made an early Saturday morning surprise for his mama. He said, "Mommy I made you all your favorite things...kind bars, pickles, your apple watch, your diet popcorn and wine!!" I love this boy :)

 One super fun part of this Christmas season was a fun girls weekend! When I was 10, my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim took me to my first concert, Amy Grant. So...when I heard she was coming to Tulsa for a Christmas concert I knew I had to take Ella! It was such a sweet time. Also, for her 10th birthday she wanted to go shopping for big girl clothes :) So we drove up early Friday and she got to shop the day away before the concert with me and Nana B. Such a sweet time spoiling my girl!

After shopping but before the concert, we made our way down to the swankiest candy shop I've ever seen!!! This place was super cool and so fun to shop around in.

 Isn't this place gorgeous?

 The following day, Kathy, Kailee and Ashley met us in Tulsa for our annual holiday celebration! We shopped some more, went to a lights festival and {attempted} late night ice-skating at the outdoor rink downtown. Ella rocked it! It was a little lot harder than I remember it being the last time!

 Ella and Nana B!

This weekend, we went to Kathy's house to continue the celebration with our annual ornament exchange! The adults exchanged ornaments (not pictured) and the kids made ornaments and Christmas cookies :)

Meanwhile, the boys and Olli were back at  home holding the fort down. Mike was able to sneak Luca out of school early on Friday for a man-date to see Thor!

None of my kids have done this until this one ha!

Once we got back from Tulsa, we all had enough Christmas cheer for the elves to come!
This big girl has graduated to becoming a helper of the elves. As she walked by us in the living room ready to place them, she posed and said, "do you want to take a picture of me and my bouquet of lies?" This girl is hysterical!
Two more weeks until Christmas. And just like everything this year, it is all flying by!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


 Thanksgiving Day was in Van Buren this year! We all feasted and then spent the night together...all 8 adults and NINE kids! We did a little mini early Christmas as well since we won't see the Williams!

 After the feast, it was time to fish!

 Gone fishin!
 A boy and his pops! Love this picture.

 Cousins in their matching Christmas Pjs!

 Could she be any cuter?!?! Thank you Ashley Bohannan for this stylish getup!

 I didn't get much pics from my family's Thanksgiving gathering but at least I got the cutest part :)
Olli + Ellie Thanksgiving Edition!

 Another one of my favorite parts of November was getting to see my girl Missy!!! She was in town with a friend for the game. Although we've known each other for years, Dallas was my home when we taught together. It was so great to have her here in my other home! We decided more road trips to NWA would definitely be in the future.

 These two. Love!
 Milo+Mama snuggles!!!

 The first two trees in our house are up!

 Beautiful church!