Sunday, November 5, 2017


 It all started with costume day at school and a Fall party! (and some of us clearly took this day more seriously than others. *see below) haha
2nd grade teamies!
 Luca's teacher snapped some pics of him at his party for me :)

 Then it was time to go home and trick or treat! Mom and dad brought BOOdle soup complete with black bat pasta and pumpkin shaped carrots!

Then it was treats from mommy and daddy time :)

Then it was time to suit up! 

Here is our cabbage patch dOlli...see what I did there?!?! And this girl OWNED IT which made it even cuter. And funnier. And downright adorable!
Then of course I had to put her next to my cabbage patch dolls :)
 And I don't think there has ever been or will be a more perfect costume for this boy. A RED race car driver!

 Minecraft Steve
 And then pretty princess Ella Bella :) Her costume, according to her, was "any excuse to wear long flowy dresses, make up and heels". :)
 My absolute best attempt at a group photo!

 Milo wanted to show Olli the ropes :) "Here Olli, lets go!"

 Olli just moseyed down the street licking her lOlli-pop like no big deal!

 It was another happy Halloween! After the rounds in our neighborhood, Ella, Luca and Milo went with Daddy to trick or treat with their cousins and I put Olli to bed and braced myself for the next day...the day after Halloween/costume day/fall party day in 2nd grade...also known as pray for your teacher day :)
I went up to school this afternoon (Saturday) to get caught up on some things and just had to swing by house on the way to check out what was going on for homecoming :) I love being right on campus!

Last but not least...a solid 10 minutes just watching cartoons with her foot in her mouth. Oh toddlerhood :)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

We've continued our Pumpkin Patch tradition with Nana B through the years and across the country! We've patched it up in Texas, Washington, and now home sweet home in ARKANSAS!!!


 Milo's favorite part :)

 Olli's favorite part :)


 And then mommy resting the next date while Daddy took our little people to the neighborhood park!
 At our weekly family dinner, we carved our pumpkins and busted out matching pjs from Nana B and Papa Bo!

 And now ready for!